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Discussion of "jbena"
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Comment #9: Re: Asymmetry
gleki (Sat Jan 21 10:58:58 2017)

krtisfranks wrote:

> gleki wrote:
> > oops, discussion got disrupted. In regard to
> >
> > =3027;definition=453 what I mean is that either 'jbena' is just 'se
> > [be fi zi'o]' or "co'a jmive" or it's not, in the latter case it can be

> > important to specify time-place of birth to understand how one is being

> > "born". if time is understood not as timestamp but as period (born
> > stopping being a larva and becoming an imago) and place (moulting out
> > your old shell), then dropping jbena3 and jbena4 is unnecessary.
> That is a good point. But I would have just said "born via means x_i amd
> standard x_j".

So jbena then becomes superfluous since we have co'a panzi or rorci
(the latter for the case ">1 sexes" plus a special viewpoint). For stages
of biodevelopment there needs to be a new brivla completing makcu with
means of getting into the stage. Another brivla might be needed to shows
the circle of life (e.g. imago => egg => larva => imago) like

x1 enters its new stage of development (e.g. by laying eggs) by procreating
your-new-stage/offspring x2 (e.g. eggs of turning yourself into a larva).

This of course immediately leads to the bear-goo problem of "what is
individuum?" but that can be expressed via additional means like ("no
change of individuality from egg to larva" / "change of individuality from
imago to egg")

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