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Discussion of "cimnyterjunta"
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Comment #4: Re: Issues
Curtis W Franks (Sun Mar 2 21:00:44 2014)

krtisfranks wrote:
> > I have been thinking about it for years but have not yet found a
> solution
> > that I fully enjoyed. I personally would prefer to base it on cliva,
> > tolcu'i, and canlu (zo'o although I have considered
> > But, again, I would like to make it a zi'evla.
> By the way, these words actually better characterize the event horizon
> (although I rather dislike the prosaïc style of such a description in
> comparison with the poetic and rather-hard-to-capture accuracy of the
> English word). The black hole is the physical entity that has an event
> horizon and other regions defined by the aforementioned properties
> ('hairs'), rather like an atom can have overall charge, spin, etc. and
> these properties determine its appearance in other interactions.

"Ergosphere" could likewise be rendered with cukli'u or some other way
of saying "orbit", "move" (slightly too generic), "stop" (somewhat bad
in Lojban) and "required"/"impossible" (depending on previous choice).
But, again, should be zi'evla. (Movement relative to outside pointlike
observer would be implied).

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