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Discussion of "dzadza"
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Comment #5: Re: Request for example
Alex Burka (Wed Aug 20 00:19:30 2014)

I vote for kaidza, btw. We don't have a history of reduplication and
personally I find dzadza hard to say :)

Ilmen wrote:
> Wuzzy wrote:
> > Can you please give an example of using this word?
> Hello! Yes indeed; I just added a couple of examples to the definition.
> also added a synonymous word "kaidza", I've yet too choose which one I
> prefer; "dzadza" sounds a little childish. :p)
> The two examples I gave mean the same thing, but phrased differently:
> • li ro dzadza lo ka ce'u ganai mabru gi danlu
> • li su'o pa dzadza lo ka ce'u mabru gi'enai danlu kei naku
> In the second case, the quantification statement is under the scope of
> "naku", despite the fact that "naku" is at the end of the sentence,
> because naku is _outside_ the quantified property (which has been closed
> with kei. In this sentence, you can freely move "naku" around as long
> you do not move it into the quantified property (if you do so, the
> will change accordingly).
> More generally, all the scopes can be rewritten as nested bridi levels.
> For example, naku roda naku xunre = Not everything is not red = It is
> not the case that every thing X is such that it is not the case that X
> red = narje'u fa lo du'u li ro dzadza lo ka narje'u fa lo du'u ce'u
> xunre
. (Here you can probably replace narje'u with jitfa.)
> I hope this helped. :)
> (I'll probably write a cleaner explanation of how to expand scopes into
> nested bridi levels somewhere.)

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