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Discussion of "eldicka'u"
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Comment #3: Re: Signum convention
Curtis W Franks (Fri Jul 4 08:54:24 2014)

krtisfranks wrote:
> (This post applies to dikca and kuardicka'u too.)
> If Benjamin Franklin had been slightly wiser about the future, he would
> have selected/defined electrons to have positive electric charge. Lojban
> has the chance to fix this histouric error. And I think that we should.
> will eventually be writing our own textbooks for this stuff in Lojban
> anyway, so we can create our own conventions- and we can be wiser with
> hindsight. As such, I ultimately wish to tie this and kuardicka'u's
> definitions' default conventions to the charge of the electron and to
> the definition of dikca as is, but with the caveat that a true
> speaker would in fact call "positive electric charge" for that which we
> name "negative electric charge".
> All other particles, physics equations/expressions, etc. would have to
> follow a similar convention (which might mix up quark names, not that I
> want them to follow the English system anyway).

Note the beauty in the system under the corrected signum convention. (The
value of kuardicka'u matching the electric charge of the down quark is
something of a random act of generosity from the universe: the down
antiquark actually has opposite electric charge (e/3), but is for some
reason selected against in nature)

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