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Discussion of "di'a'ai"
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Comment #3: Re: Etymology
Curtis W Franks (Wed Nov 23 06:33:35 2016)

selckiku wrote:
> krtisfranks wrote:
> > Is there any particular reason for your choice of valsi for this
> > apart from the duality with its counterpart?
> Well, a long time ago I started noticing that people were abusing de'a
> and di'a to mean specifically "AFK" and "back" and I felt like it would

> be appropriate to have more specific terms. The first sounds I thought of

> were de'a'oi and di'a'oi, since -oi is the most common ending for
> After experimenting with them for a while I eventually found that the
> sounds de'a'ai and di'a'ai felt a little more natural or smoother to
> say, perhaps because of the similarity of the "a" in the second two
> syllables. It could be seen as suggesting the word .ai, as in, I
> to go away for a while, but really mostly I chose it for the sound.

Okay, cool! I like it. I picked up on the event contours etymons, but I was
not sure about the rest.

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