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Discussion of "iy'y"
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Comment #2: Re: Possible problem
Curtis W Franks (Tue Jun 30 20:24:53 2015)

krtisfranks wrote:
> I was thinking about this exact option the other day. I was not sure that

> it is best. The presence of the glide seems to make me think that the
> letteral should reflect that glide (for example, this word would me IPA
> or any transcription thereof). I know that such things can be supported
> .iy'ybu, but Lojban has /j/ and representing it (as its own letteral)
> might be of value to the community eventually, in which case this word
> should be reserved for that usage.

Note: /w/ would likewise get .uy'y .

What I actually came up with was to redefine .y'y to be the letteral 'y'
and invent a longer name (like denpa bu or slaka bu) for the letteral
''' (apostrophe).

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