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Discussion of "ecre"
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Comment #2: Re: A few questions
Alex Burka (Mon Feb 23 04:45:53 2015)

krtisfranks wrote:
> Why not make a lujvo with this meaning instead? It seems, to me,
> expressible within that framework and possibly not meritorious of a
> zi'evla. I do jot particularly mind the creation of zi'evla though, so I
> went ahead and upvoted the word anyway.
> Also, with what justification do you propose the reallocation of the
> "cre" to this word from certu, which is a word more basic than this
> in concept and which you employed in order to define this word in the
> first place. Moreover, being CCV, such a rafsi is highly coveted (by my
> judgment), and therefore such a proposal must be even more highly
> justified.
> Last, could you explain the etymology of this word?

VCCV is a lot shorter than any lujvo would be, though (it's the shortest
brivla shape). I don't see where it was proposed to assign -cre- to this
word? The notes say ecre comes from -cre- etymologically, but maybe I

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