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Discussion of "valtcizbaga"
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Comment #2: Re: Confusing definition
Alex Burka (Sun Oct 12 11:46:20 2014)

Wuzzy wrote:
> “A tcizbaga word looks like a lujvo morphologically”.
> What kind of useless definition is that?
> Either a word is a lujvo, or it isn’t. There is no between. If you are
> only talking about “looks like”, this makes the definition highly
> subjective.
> “but it is defined as a fu'ivla/zi'evla.”
> Well, practically, any lujvo and fu'ivla can theoretically be defined
> freely, so there is no real way to determine how any word “is defined
> a fu'ivla/zi'evla”.
> But lujvo usually follow conventions, while fu'ivla don’t.
> I neither like this word (it too abuses lujvo morphology) nor the vague
> definition. “tcizbaga word” is also just too “slangy” for me.

Well, basically you're right. I entered this word because this is how I've
seen it discussed, i.e. "oh I want to make a fu'ivla from that, but it
would be a tcizbaga". There may be a better term.

I don't think "looks like a lujvo morphologically" is confusing. You know
what I mean, right? So how would you rephrase it?

Frankly, I don't know if I like the concept of making tcizbaga words
either, but people have done it, so there's no harm in having a word for

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