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Discussion of "mugle"
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Comment #1: Possible issues
Curtis W Franks (Tue Jan 14 07:57:43 2014)

Cons: This word could probably be approximated by lujvo and definitely by
fu'ivla. Moreover, this has been labelled a jargon word, but it is
using/occupying experimental gismu space.

Pros: It keeps the flavour and appearance of the English word "Muggle",
which would be nice when translating the works or discussing them. The
word, although labelled as jargon, actually is quite useful for common
situations (I use "Muggle" a lot in English). This word captures the fact
that mugglehood is a relationship. Also, I fear that getting the exact
nuances via lujvo would be cumbersome and lengthy.

2) It could at least end in "-o" instead of "-e", similar to glico, etc.

But its terbri structure is somewhat different from those. Muggle culture
is m3, whereas English culture is g2. "Muggle" emphasizes a lack of
awareness or comprehension by m1 concerning m2, far more than it cares
about Muggle culture m3.

3) Could just use "me la .mugl." construct. But that loses some of the
specificity of the relationship. Also that would be tiring to write
repeatedly throughout the books/discussions; additionally, it does not
generalize easily/nicely to, say, certain spell names.

4) We can give it a rafsi. I propose mug if we do. I do not want to
just go ahead and make that decision, but it could be useful.

5) Gismu space does allow for some intersection of semantic space and
overlap of roles. While space is limited, opposition to the word merely
for reasons of 'synonymicity' are weakened.

Comment #2: Re: Possible issues
Curtis W Franks (Tue Jan 14 08:02:20 2014)

6) I am also slightly worried about the possibility of sumti raising in m2
and m3; for example: being a Muggle to specific knowledge is somewhat
different from being a Muggle to a world/universe/culture. However, lo
selmugle would be something related to/pertaining to/reflective of
specialist culture, which necessarily includes certain knowledge. Thus, I
think that we are good on that front.

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