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Discussion of "gei'ai"
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Comment #2: Re: I think this experimental cmavo was not really neccessary.
Curtis W Franks (Tue Jan 7 22:12:00 2014)

Wuzzy wrote:
> Duh! Was a new experimental BAI cmavo really neccessary for
> “eigenvalue”? I bet 99% won’t ever have to use this cmavo and its
> friends in their whole life.
> The funniest thing: “gei'ai” is even one letter /longer/ than
> “aigne”.
> BAI cmavo were made for concepts that are likely to be used really often
> in daily conversation. Eigenvalues (and friends) are WAY too special to
> deserve a BAI cmavo.
> I think “aigne” is an awesome word because it shows how powerful
> brivla can be. But that does not mean that it also needs a BAI cmavo.
> Please don’t forget you can always fall back to “fi'o
> constructions if your concept does not have a BAI cmavo.

I readily admit that the common person probably will not employ this word
very frequently, but for a mathematician or quantum physicist (such as
myself), it is quite nice to have around. I tried to remove it a bit from
more common cmavo by giving it two diphthong vowel clusters - that way it
does not use up more common/urgently needed cmavo space (by Zipf). I
figure that more common and urgently needed cmavo will have fewer vowel
clusters, so I did not want to use that space for something so remote as
this word.

Obviously fi'o is useful, but can be really annoying when discussing
these matters frequently on a daily basis. In my experience, this word
was needed, so I made it (along with aigne). It is nice to throw in
"eigen-" statements as additional arguments in a bridi, rather than as an
entirely separate bridi.

I mean, to each their own, but I could use this word. I tried to remove
it from areas of more dire/greater need. I could not justify its
encroachment there, but its existence itself is nice.

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