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User data for zort. You can also see a list of all jbovlaste users.

Internal User ID288
Real nameeitan postav
Email addressfake[this would be an amphora symbol but we don't like spambots]email.address
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Personal Wikitext:

My work here is motivated by two things:

  • leka so'i le se vlaste cu ruble le'o.i'a loka sa'enai jvajvo je plixau.i ji'a oi so'i da poi se vlaste ti ku'o fi ba'e pa i'enai.oiro'e de te jinvi
  • I've really been getting into creating lujvo. I'm big on jvajvo, because it (le xe jvajvo) surprises me in its power. When the theory seems to know more than you do, when the rote rules of syntax correct for fuzzy mistakes in semantics (been reading Hofstadter lately), that's a sign that you have a beautiful theory on your hands. In creative processes, one must know the rules before breaking them. That means that I, as a novice lujvo builder, rely heavily on le xe jvajvo, and boy do they serve me well. I believe that there may exist melbi be mi lujvo, and I hope to one day find a melbi lujvo not created by me (which isn't to claim that I have created any melbi lujvo).

Accordingly, I do two separate types of work:

  • I'm going through every lujvo, perfectionistically fixing them by leaving a comment, submitting my own improved definition, or coining my own better lujvo for the same concept. As of January 28 2013, I've done one page worth of lujvo starting with 'b'. I'll probably not ever finish.
  • Coining my own novel lujvo. I spend all day thinking about concepts that come up often and then what veljvo would suit them. Actually, coming up with a veljvo (a good one! o'onaise'inai) is a lot harder and takes way more time than coming up with a worthwhile concept. I don't bother much with mundane lujvo (those I coin only because of the other category of work I do), preferring concepts that don't have a name in English (though often they have a sentence that's commonly used to express them). E.g. tinmosycpina, and, er... more to come. I hope to never get accused of having the "mindset of 'ok what would the english gloss for that be? Can't think of one? Ok, must be a bad word. Let's shoehorn he definition into something else so we can have a nice english gloss.'"
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