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To improve the quality of results, jbovlaste search does not return words with insufficient votes. To qualify to be returned in search results, a proposed lujvo is required to have received a vote in favor in both directions: for instance, in English to Lojban and in Lojban to English.

In addition, due to it being a very technically hard problem, full text searching (that is, searching of definitions rather than just keywords) is not available at this time.

5 definitions found
From Lojban to English :
        Word: brivla [jbovlaste]
        Type: lujvo
  Gloss Word: predicate word
  Definition: v1 is a morphologically defined predicate word signifying
       relation b2 in language v3.
       Notes: Derived from bridi and valsi, deleting b3, as we are
       speaking of the relationship independent of particular
       arguments. In Lojban, such words must end in a vowel and
       contain a consonant cluster within the first five letters (not
       counting y).  Not all words that can be used as a selbri (for
       instance members of GOhA) are brivla.

From Lojban to Easy French :
        Word: brivla [jbovlaste]
        Type: lujvo
  Gloss Word: prédicat in the sense of "mot"
  Definition: x1 est un prédicat morphologiquement défini signifiant la
       relation x2 dans le langage x3
       Notes: En lojban un tel mot finit par une voyelle et contient un
       cluster de consonne dans les 5 premières lettres (sans compter
       les y)

From Lojban to Norwegian :
        Word: brivla [jbovlaste]
        Type: lujvo
  Gloss Word: predikatsord
  Definition: v1 er et predikatsord som uttrykker relasjon b2 mellom
       argumenter b3 i språk v3

From Pure-Lojban Dictionary :
        Word: brivla [jbovlaste]
        Type: lujvo
  Definition: x1 valsi lo smuni be x2 noi selbri ku x3

From Lojban to Russian :
        Word: brivla [jbovlaste]
        Type: lujvo
  Gloss Word: глагол in the sense of "одно слово"
  Gloss Word: предикат in the sense of "одно слово"
  Gloss Word: сказуемое in the sense of "одно слово"
  Definition: v1 - это глагол/ морфологически определнное слово-предикат,
       выражающее отношение b2 в языке v3.
       Notes: Происходит от слов bridi и valsi, с удалением b3, так как
       мы говорим об отношениеях независимо от конкретных аргументов.
       В ложбане такие слова должны оканчиваться на гласную и
       содержать согласный кластер среди первых 5 букв (не считая

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