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and Unicode

Unicode is Nice. This page is in Unicode. For example, if your web browser is working properly and you have a good set of Unicode fonts, then:

This is a couple of Tibetian characters: ༃༻བྷ༒
This is the "Om" character, from the Devanagari script:
And here is a bit of Hiragana, with a Bengali character tossed right in the middle: ふるআぱい

If you didn't see a whole lot of weird squiggles, then there is a good chance that either your web browser doesn't understand UTF-8, or you're missing some fonts.

Christoph Singer has a page of TrueType Unicode Fonts which you can download and install. If that doesn't help, consider trying the Opera web browser, which is what is being used to test this site during development. Mozilla and Internet Explorer 6 also seem to work. More or less.

If you use Unix, or some variant thereof, and you'd like to edit Unicode text on your computer, consider trying Yudit, which has been used extensively in the development of this site. If you know of a good Unicode text editor for other platforms, please let the admins know, so that they can add it to this web page.

The Unicode Consortium provides a list of Unicode-enabled software which you may find helpful.

jbovlaste recognizes the allocations of the ConScript Unicode Registry within the Unicode Private Use Areas. It further encourages the Unicode Consortium to act swiftly in approving ConScripts which demonstrate an existing language community, such as the Tengwar and Klingon scripts.

Currently, jbovlaste will accept data for 70 languages.
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This is jbovlaste, the lojban dictionary system.
The main code was last changed on Wed 07 Oct 2020 05:54:55 PM PDT.
All content is public domain. By submitting content, you agree to place it in the public domain to the fullest extent allowed by local law.
jbovlaste is an official project of the logical language group, and is now headed by Robin Lee Powell.
E-mail him if you have any questions.
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