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Discussion of "je'au"

Comment #1: What?
Wuzzy (Tue Jan 7 21:33:49 2014)

Sorry, I don’t get it. I simply do not understand the description of
this (and its friends je'aunai and je'aucu'i.).

Comment #2: Re: What?
Curtis W Franks (Tue Jan 7 22:01:30 2014)

Wuzzy wrote:
> Sorry, I don’t get it. I simply do not understand the description of
> this (and its friends je'aunai and je'aucu'i.).

For example, if I were teaching quantum mechanics and if I were initially
talking about a continuous magnetic field, I would make certain
assertions. But then, I could say that in reality, no magnetic field is
continuous (because they are quantized too); thus, I would point out that
my new assertions are 'corrected'. (This would be done discursively.
Erasure essentially deletes the utterance from all memory as though it
never happened- it is not necessarily a correction and cannot be used for
improved approximations. Thus, this is rather similar to je'u, but not
quite the same; hence their similarity but nonidentical-ness. This is
also not quite similar to da'inai, since it is a corrected approximation
of fact, not an assertion of the reality itself.)

Likewise, my first assertions can be marked with je'aunai (or
je'aucu'i if that is more appropriate, although I opine not in this
case) and perhaps da'i.

ni'i would probably tie my statements together.

Comment #3: Re: What?
Wuzzy (Tue Jan 7 22:50:00 2014)

Could you please give Lojban examples for “je'au” and friends? I still
don’t quite grasp it. :-(

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