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Word listings for "Simple English"

This is a "best guess" listing, meaning that selecting a word will show only the valsi and place which is currently considered the best guess as to what corresponds to that natural language word. The best guess is determined by compiling user votes.

As a side effect, only words that have votes registered will be shown here.

am | ar | art-guaspi | art-loglan | be | bg | br | ca | ch | cs | cy | da | de | el | en | en-bpfk | en-simple | eo | es | et | eu | fa | fi | fr | fr-facile | ga | gl | gu | he | hi | hr | hu | ia | id | it | ja | jbo | ka | ko | kw | la | lt | lv | mg | ne | nl | no | pl | pt | pt-br | ro | ru | sa | sk | sl | so | sq | sr | sv | ta | test | tlh | tpi | tr | uk | vi | wa | zh ]

$x_1$ is a lily of species/strain $x_2$
a 10 to the eighteenth
a 10 to the eighteenth aspect
a 10 to the fifteenth
a 10 to the fifteenth aspect
a 10 to the negative eighteenth
a 10 to the negative eighteenth aspect
a 10 to the negative fifteenth
a 10 to the negative fifteenth aspect
a 10 to the negative twelfth
a 10 to the negative twelfth aspect
a 10 to the negative twenty-first
a 10 to the negative twenty-first aspect
a 10 to the negative twenty-fourth
a 10 to the negative twenty-fourth aspect
a 10 to the twenty-first
a 10 to the twenty-first aspect
a 10 to the twenty-fourth
a 10 to the twenty-fourth aspect
a action of protest
a audience of protest
a average's property
a background noise something is heard in
a bacteria
a bag
a balancing force
a balcony
a ball
a ballistic projectile
a ballistic projectile's launcher
a banana
a bank
a banking function
a bank owner or system
a bar
a base of a decimal value
a base of a logarithm
a base of a metaphor
a basin
a basis
a basis of authority
a basket
a bay
a bead
a bear
a bed
a bee
a behaver
a behaviour
a believer
a bell
a Bengladesh aspect
a berry
a betweenness property
a bill
a billion
a billion aspect
a billionth
a billionth aspect
a bird
a biter
a blade
a bladed tool or weapon
a block
a board
a boat
a bodily organ
a body
a body of water containing shoal
a boiling pressure
a boiling temperature
a bomb
a bond of brotherhood
a bond of cousinhood
a bond of sisterhood
a bone
a book
a book medium
a book's audience
a book's author
a borrower
a bottle
a boundary
a box
a boy
a brain
a branch
a Brazilian aspect
a breast
a breather
a bridge
a British aspect
a broadcaster
a broadcasting station
a broadcast receiver
a brother
a brow
a brush
a brush's bristles
a bubble in foam
a Buddhist aspect
a building
a building with a balcony
a buttocks
a button
a cabbage
a cabin of a vehicle
a calculated value
a calculater
a calculation process
a calendar of a date
a camel
a camera
a camp
a camp location
a can
a Canadian aspect
a cancer
a candela standard
a capturer
a car
a card
a card shape
a car engine
a caretaker
a cargo of a boat
a cargo of an aircraft
a car of a train
a carriage
a carriage's propulsion
a cassava
a cat
a cause
a cause of an accident
a cause of envy
a cause of guilt
a cavity
a ceaseer
a celebration
a celebrator
a center of locality
a ceremony
a chain
a chair
a challenger
a channel
a channel destination
a channel origin
a channel route
a chaotic property
a characteristic of a moon
a characteristic of a planet
a chart
a chart topic
a chaseer
a chemical
a chest
a chicken
a child
a Chinese aspect
a chooser
a Christian aspect
a church
a cigar
a cigar maker
a circumstance for replacement
a circumstance of accompaniment
a city
a claim
a claimant
a claw
a cleaning material for washing
a cleanliness standard
a climber
a cloud
a clumsiness standard
a cockroach
a coin
a coldness standard
a collar
a collector of a tax
a colour
a colour of ink
a comb
a combination result
a combiner
a commander
a comment
a committee
a common property of an example
a community
a community with a law
a community with something public
a company
a compared property
a comparer
a comparison
a competition
a competition with a winner
a competitor
a complex property
a component of a conjunction
a component of an aggregate
a component of a system
a composition of acid
a composition of a coin
a composition of air
a composition of alkali
a composition of a solid
a composition of brass
a composition of bronze
a composition of ceramic
a composition of cream
a composition of crystal
a composition of jelly
a composition of matter
a composition of metal
a composition of paste
a composition of rock
a composition of rubber
a composition of salt
a composition of sand
a composition of soap
a composition of soil
a composition of starch
a composition of steel
a composition of sugar
a compound word
a computer
a concealer
a condemner
a condition for a difficulty
a condition for allowing
a condition for an error
a condition for capability
a condition for ease
a condition for embarrassment
a condition for having power
a condition for radiating
a condition for something being possible
a condition for transformation
a condition in which a colour is perceived
a condition of a custom
a condition of a method
a condition of an effect
a condition of automation
a condition of behaviour
a condition of constancy
a condition of disgust
a condition of dissolving
a condition of gas
a condition of liberty
a condition of liquidity
a condition of necessity
a condition of observation
a condition of pleasure
a condition of randomness
a condition of seeing
a condition of seeming to have a property
a condition of shame
a condition of softness
a condition of solidity
a condition of stiffness
a condition of sufficiency
a condition of surrender
a condition of thickness
a condition of varying
a conditions of anxiety
a cone
a cone of a conifer
a cone vertex
a confusing property
a conifer
a conjunction
a conjunction element
a considered subject
a considerer
a constant property
a consumer
a container
a containment of a stockpile
a contaminant removed by washing
a content of a bag
a content of a basin
a content of a basket
a content of a box
a content of a cup
a content of a drawer
a content of a letter
a content of a pack
a content of a pot
a content of a tray
a content of a tube
a contradicter
a controlled activity
a controller
a controller of an apparatus
a controller of territory
a cooked food
a cooker
a co-procreater
a copulatee
a copulater
a copy
a copying method
a copy media
a corner
a cougher
a coughing orifice
a counted set
a counter
a count result
a country
a count unit
a cousin
a cow
a crack
a craft of art
a creater
a creation
a creature
a crime
a crusher
a crust
a cube
a cube dimension
a cube side
a culture
a culture of a myth
a culture to which a lotus symbolizes something
a cup
a cure
a curer
a current
a current destination
a current source
a curtain
a curve
a cushioner
a custom
a customer of a bar
a custom of a ceremony
a cutter
a cylinder
a dancer
a dancer's accompaniment
a dangerous condition
a danger warned of
a date
a daughter
a day of time
a daytime
a day with a daytime
a day with an evening
a day with a night
a day with twilight
a debt
a debt creditor
a debtor
a decider
a decimal value
a decision
a decreasing property
a deer
a defender
a definition of a universe
a degree of infinity
a degree of variation
a demonstrater
a denominator of a fraction
a derogater
a derogative form
a describer
a description
a desirer
a destination gone to
a destination of a leap
a destination of a mail
a destination of a river
a destination of a route
a destination of fall
a destination of lightning
a destination of movement
a destination of penetration
a destination of spit
a destiny
a destroyer
a detail
a detecter
a detection conditions
a detection means
a difference property
a digger
a digging tool
a dimension
a dimensional model
a dimension of a right-angle
a dimension of broadness
a dimension of longness
a dimension of shortness
a dimension of smallness
a dimension of snugness
a dimension of stretchiness
a dimension of thickness
a dimension of thinness
a diplomat
a diplomatic negotiation
a direction
a direction climbed
a direction of a wind
a direction of enclosure
a direction of rotation
a direction of shallowness
a direction of stiffness
a direction of tautness
a direction something aside is facing
a discoverer
a discovery
a discovery subject
a discusser
a discussion topic
a disease of an illness
a disease prevented by vaccine
a distressing
a distributed
a disturbance
a disturber
a diver
a division method
a dog
a domain of a universe
a donkey
a doorway
a doubter
a drain
a drainer
a drawer
a dreamer
a drinker
a drinking vessel
a drink something is thirsty for
a drop
a duck
a dweller
a dwelling
a face
a fact
a fact known
a factory
a factory product
a failer
a fairy
a faller
a family
a family member
a family of a species
a farm
a farmer
a fastened
a fastener
a fate condemned to
a father
a father of an embryo
a favourable sense
a feather
a feature of familiarity
a feature of newness
a feeler of awe
a feeler of guilt
a feeler of pain
a felt emotion
a female
a feminine trait
a field
a fig
a fighter
a film
a film-maker
a film plot
a filter
a filter property
a finger or toe
a finish
a finished process
a finish of an elapse of time
a fire
a firmness condition
a fish
a flag
a flag pattern
a flaw
a flea
a flea's victim
a floater
a floor
a flower
a flowering plant
a fluid in a well
a fluid of a sea
a fluid swum in
a flute
a fly
a flyer
a focus of a lens
a fog's liquid
a fold
a folder
a foolish action or property
a foot
a foot used to kick
a force causing vibration
a force of draining
a force something is firm against
a force something is stiff against
a force to which something is soft
a forgiver
a fork
a fork base
a form after growth
a form before growth
a form of ceramic
a form of chalk
a form of energy
a form of reflection
a fox
a fraction
a fraction equal to a decimal value
a fragment of an explosion
a frame
a frame of a screw
a frame of reference for fall
a frame of reference in which something is to the left
a frame of reference in which something is to the right
a frame of reference of a slope
a frame of reference of levelness
a freezing pressure
a freezing temperature
a French aspect
a frequency of oscillation
a friend
a frowner
a fruit
a frustration
a fuel
a fuel of fire
a fulcrum of a lever
a function
a function broken
a function definition
a function domain
a function of a bodily organ
a function of a bone
a function of an apparatus
a function of a pulley
a function of a screen
a function of machine
a function of representation
a function range
a garden
a gardener
a garment
a gas
a gas composition
a gem
a gem type
a gene
a gene trait
a genus of a species
a German aspect
a gift
a girl
a giver
a gland
a gland's secretion
a glove
a goal of operating something
a goat
a god
a god's dominion
a god's people
a gonad
a gonad gender
a goose
a governer
a grain
a grammar
a grammatical structure
a gram standard
a grape wine is made from
a grass
a gravity against lift
a Greek aspect
a grinder
a groove
a grooved surface
a group
a group in which something is rare
a group of typicals
a group property
a group relation
a group which has a member with a specific feature
a group within which something is searched for
a group with something common
a growing
a guess
a guest
a guider
a gymnast
a gymnastic feat
a half
a hammer
a hand
a harvested crop
a harvester
a hat
a hater
a head
a head of a hammer
a heap
a hearer
a heart
a heat standard
a Hebrew aspect
a height frame of reference
a height of a jump
a helix
a helix dimension
a helix limit
a helper
a high
a hinderer
a Hindi aspect
a hinged joint
a Hispanic aspect
a history
a hitter
a holder
a home
a home planet
a honest
a hoof
a hook
a hoper
a horn
a horse
a hospital
a hotel
a human
a hundred
a hundreds aspect
a hundreth
a hundreth aspect
a hunter
a jacket
a Japanese aspect
a jaw
a jet
a jet source
a job
a joint
a Jordanian aspect
a journal
a journal audience
a journal contents
a journal publisher
a Judeo-Christian aspect
a judge
a justification
a keeper
a Kelvin standard
a key
a keyboard instrument
a key's lock
a kicker
a killer
a kissed place
a kisser
a knife
a knitter
a knot
a knower
a lacker
a lake
a lake location
a land mass with a mountain
a language
a language of an article
a language of a rhyme
a language of a sentence
a language of a structure word
a language of a talk
a language of a word
a language with an affix
a language with a syllable
a large
a lasher
a lateness standard
a Latin aspect
a laugher
a launcher
a launcher's projectile
a launcher's propulsion
a law
a law conditions
a law defining possession
a lawgiver
a layer
a layered structure
a leader of a team
a lead of a pencil
a leaf
a leaf of tea
a leaper
a learner
a learning method
a leaver
a Lebanese aspect
a leg
a legume plant
a legume seed
a lens
a letter
a lever
a Libyan aspect
a lichen
a lid
a lid of a bottle
a lifter
a light
a lightness standard
a light source
a light source making a shadow
a likelihood of something hoped for
a liker
a limb used to walk
a limb with a finger or toe
a limb with a hinged joint
a limb with a joint
a limb with a thumb
a limit
a line
a lion
a lip
a liquid
a liquid something is dry of
a liquid something is immersed in
a list
a list medium
a list order
a list sequence
a litre standard
a liver
a location in outer space
a location of a church
a location of a curve
a location of a date
a location of a farm
a location of a gathering
a location of a heap
a location of a hotel
a location of a join
a location of a kick
a location of a museum
a location of an encounter
a location of an evening
a location of an office
a location of a platform
a location of a school
a location of a shove
a location of a swelling
a location of a tip
a location of a touch
a location of a well
a location of density
a location of hair
a location of hold
a location of lifting
a location of looseness
a location of night
a location of pain
a location of placement
a location of rock
a location of sharpness
a location of snugness
a location of spring
a location of terrain
a location of time
a location of twilight
a location of weather
a location something is present at
a location where something vanishes
a location with a daytime
a lock
a locking mechanism
a logarithm
a logical disjunction
a logic system
a logic used to contradict
a Lojbanic aspect
a loop
a loser of something
a lotus
a lover
a lowness reference frame
a lung
a lure
a lurer
a machine
a magnetic field
a mailer
a mailing system
a maker
a maker of ceramic
a maker of something artificial
a Malaysian aspect
a male
a male trait
a mammal
a man
a manager of a park
a manner of requesting
a manner of welcome
a manual condition
a manual function
a mark
a market
a marking of a tiger
a marriage custom
a mat
a match
a material object enduring in space-time; a thing
a material of a bag
a material of a ball
a material of a basin
a material of a basket
a material of a bead
a material of a bed
a material of a block
a material of a board
a material of a bottle
a material of a box
a material of a button
a material of a can
a material of a card
a material of a chain
a material of a cloud
a material of a collar
a material of a comb
a material of a cone
a material of a corner
a material of a cup
a material of a curtain
a material of a cushion
a material of a cylinder
a material of a drop
a material of a field
a material of a filler
a material of a flag
a material of a foam
a material of a gem
a material of a glove
a material of a hat
a material of a heap
a material of a hook
a material of a jacket
a material of a jet
a material of a knife's blade
a material of a lens
a material of a liquid
a material of a loop
a material of a mark
a material of a mat
a material of a match
a material of a nail
a material of an arch
a material of an axle
a material of a needle
a material of an island
a material of an umbrella
a material of a pail
a material of a pedestal
a material of a pencil
a material of a pillar
a material of a pin
a material of a plate
a material of a platform
a material of a pot
a material of a powder
a material of a rail
a material of a ribbon
a material of a ring
a material of a robe
a material of a rod
a material of a rope
a material of a sheet
a material of a shell
a material of a shirt
a material of a shoal
a material of a shoe
a material of a skirt
a material of a sock
a material of a spoon
a material of a swelling
a material of a tile
a material of a tray
a material of a tube
a material of a wedge
a material of a wheel
a material of clay
a material of cloth
a material of glass
a material of hail
a material of table
a material of thread
a material of trousers
a material something is clean of
a mathematic
a mathematic type
a math expression
a math rule
a matter judged
a matter of decision
a mature property
a meal
a meal dish
a meaning
a meaning of a compound word
a meaning of a metaphor
a meaning of a sign
a meaning of a structure word
a meaning of a word
a means for braking
a means for support
a means of excretion
a means of flying
a means of imprisonment
a means of observation
a measured in months
a measureer
a measurement
a measurement accuracy
a measurement scale
a measurement scale of a quantity
a measurer of a quantity
a measurer of dimness
a meat source
a medium for something said
a medium of a recording
a medium of broadcasting
a melon
a member
a member's group
a message
a message audience
a message author
a message subject
a metal that is reflective
a metaphor
a metaphysics of existence
a method
a method for travel
a method of concealment
a method of ecryption
a method of going
a method of killing
a method of suspension
a method of teaching
a method of transmission
a method of trial
a method of vaccination
a methodology of a science
a metre direction
a metre standard
a Mexican aspect
a mild property
a million
a millionth
a millionth aspect
a mind
a mineral
a mineral mine
a mixture
a moan
a moaner
a modification result
a modified
a modifier of a metaphor
a modifyer
a moistening liquid
a mole standard
a monetary system
a monetary system with money subunits
a monkey
a month standard
a moon
a morning
a morning's day
a morning's location
a Moroccan aspect
a moth
a mother
a mother of an embryo
a motivated event
a motive
a mould
a mountain
a mouse
a mouth
a muscle
a museum
a myth
a mythos of a myth
an abdomen
an abrader
an absorber
an abstraction
an accident
an accompanier
an acquirer
an acquisition source
an action of avoidance
an action taken
an activity allowed by a passport
an act of kindness
an act of ridiculing
an act of vengeance
an actor of a play
an address
an adjacency direction
an adjacency property
an adjuster
an affair
an affix
an African aspect
an age of a boy
an age of a child
an age of a girl
an aggregate
an agreed view
an agreer
a nail
an ailment to be cured
an ailment treated at a hospital
an aircraft
an air mass with a cloud
an Algerian aspect
an alien property
an alphabet with a symbol
an alternative of a disjunction
a name
an American aspect
an amount of adjustment
an amount of candela
an amount of decrease
an amount of electricity
an amount of exceeding
an amount of increase
an amount of money
an amount of non-metric area
an amount of non-metric distance
an amount of non-metric long distance
an amount of non-metric volume
an amount of non-metric weight
an amount something is less than by
an amphibian
an analyser
an analysis method
an ancestor
an ancestry bond
an anger reason
an anger target
an angle
an angle of slope
an angle segment
an angle with a sine
an angle with a tangent
an annoyed
an annoyer
an answer
an ant
an Antarctican aspect
an anus
an apparatus
an apple
an approver
an Arabic aspect
an arch
an area being bitten
an area of a city
an area something is spread over
an Argentinian aspect
an arguer
an argument
an argument of a compound word
an arm
an arm of a lever
an army
an army function
an army with a soldier
an arrangement of crystal
a narrow dimension
an art
an article
an artist of a picture
an art medium of a picture
a nasal passage
an Asiatic aspect
an aspect of a million
an aspect of a tenth
an aspect of beauty
an aspect of funniness
an aspect of irony
an aspect of tens
an assumer
a nation
an atmosphere in which something burns
an atom
an atomic number
an attacker
an attack goal
an audacious behaviour
an audience for a comment
an audience for a letter
an audience of a demonstration
an audience of a film
an audience of a performance
an audience of a play
an audience of a poem
an audience of a questioner
an audience of a song
an audience of a suggestion
an audience of prose
an audience of something ashamed
an audience of something said
an audience of teaching
an audience something is described to
an aunt or uncle
an aunt or uncle relationship
an Australian aspect
an authority chartering a company
an author of a letter
an author of a play
an author of prose
an automatic function
an autumn
an autumn's location
an autumn's year
an average
an average's standard
an avoider
an axis of rotation
an axle
an axle of a pulley
an axle of a roller
an ear
an earner of salary
a nearness property
an eater
a neck
an edge
an edge of a surface
an edible plant
an edible portion of a plant
a needle
an effect caused
an effect of punctuation
an effect's cause
an egg
an ego
an Egyptian aspect
an elapse of time
an element in creation
an elephant
an elevation of a cloud
an embryo
an emphasizer
an emphasizing action
an encounterer
an end point of something straight
an enemy
an engine
an English aspect
an environment
an epistemology of knowing
an equal
an equality property
an equality reference
an era
an era's characterization
an error
a nerve
an ethic
a network station
a network with a station
an European aspect
an evening
an event's force
an event something is guided in
an event with a date
an evolution stage
an evolved
an evolver
an example
an exceeded limit
an exceeder
an excess
an excreted waste
an excreter of waste
an expectation something is ironic to
an expected profit of an investment
an experiencer
an experiencer of a noise
an explainer
an explanation
an explosive of a bomb
an exponent
an exponential base
an expresser of a comment
an extreme
an eye
an foreign property
an idea
an idea taught
a night-time
an image type recorded by camera
an imaginer
an implication
an implier
an Indonesian aspect
an industrial plant
an industrial process
an industry
an infant
an infinite property
an information gathering method
an ingredient of a mixture
an ingredient of a sauce
an inheritance rule
an inheritor
an injury
an ink application process of a pen
an insect
an inserter
an inside diameter of a ring
an instant
an insurance benefit
an insured threat
an insurer
an interacter
an interrupter
an intersection
an interval for which something is borrowed
an interval of persistance
an interval of regularness
an intestine
an intuiter
an intuition subject
an invester
an Iraqi aspect
an irregular property
an Islamic aspect
an island
an island's surroundings
an isotope of an atom
an issue of opposition
an issuer of a coin
an oak
an object of attention
an object with a shadow
a noble
an obligation
an obligation agreement
an observation point for silence
an observeer
an observer of a reflection
an observer of a sign
an observer of beauty
an observer of brightness
an observer of familiarity
an observer of newness
an observer of something seeming to have a property
an observer of wiseness
an occurrence
an offer conditions
an offerer
an offering
an office
an office worker
an offspring
an offspring from a seed
a noise
an onion
an onion species
a non-metric area standard
a non-metric long distance standard
a non-metric short distance standard
a non-metric volume standard
a non-metric weight standard
an operater
an operator of a hotel
an operator of a market
an operator of a shcool
an opinion
an opponent
an opponent in a competition
an opposeer
an opposite
an orbital parameter of a moon
an orbital parameter of a planet
an organisation method
an organism with a seed
an organism with blood
an organizer
an orifice with a lip
an origin
an origin gone from
an origin of a direction
an origin of a gathering
an origin of a leap
an origin of a mail
an origin of a route
an origin of fall
an origin of movement
an origin of penetration
a North American aspect
a northness reference frame
a nose
another alternative of a disjunction
an outcome
an outside diameter of a ring
an oven
an oxidizer of fire
an stance argued against
an stance argued for
an standard of fatness
an state of oscillation
an subject of an idea
a number
a number of amperes
a number of a recurrence
a number of full days
a number of hours
a number of Kelvins
a number of litres
a number of metres
a number of minutes
a number of moles
a number of months
a number of radians
a number of repetition
a number of seconds
a number of steradians
a number of weeks
a number of years
an umbrella
a numerator of a fraction
an understander
an uniform property
an unstretched range
an Urdu aspect
an user
a nut
a nut kernel
a nut shell
an utterance
an utterer
a observer of news
a pack
a page
a pail
a paint base
a paint pigment
a Pakistani aspect
a Palestinian aspect
a paper
a parent
a parent of a daughter
a parent of a sibling
a park
a part
a part of an environment
a part used to make something
a passport
a passport issuer
a paste
a patient of a hospital
a pattern
a pattern structure
a paused state or activity
a pauser
a payee
a payer
a payment
a pear
a pedestal
a pen
a pencil
a penetrater
a pen ink
a penis
a people of a country
a people of a nation
a percussion instrument
a percussion instrument's beater
a performance
a performer
a performer of magic
a performer of music
a person
a person taxed
a photographic medium used in a camera
a picture
a piece of something broken
a piece resulting from a cut
a pig
a pillar
a pin
a place hit
a place of an argument
a place of birth
a place or condition of loss
a placer
a place something is loud at
a place stayed at
a place with a guest
a place with an instant
a place with a sky
a plan
a plane
a planet
a planet with air
a planet with a moon
a planet with a sea
a planner
a plant
a plant bulb
a plant with a leaf
a plant with an edible portion
a plant with a stem
a plate
a platform
a play
a player
a pleader
a plot of a play
a plough
a plougher
a pocket
a poem
a point defining a line
a point defining a plane
a point on a route
a poker
a police officer
a polish
a polisher
a polising tool
a politely handled matter
a political unit of a city
a polity
a Polynesian aspect
a portion
a Portuguese aspect
a possesser
a pot
a potato
a powder produced by griding
a preceder
a precision of exactness
a predicate
a predicate argument
a predicate of an argument
a predicate relationship
a predicate text
a pressure of condensation
a pressure of melting
a prevented event
a preventer
a price
a price of something sold
a print
a printing press
a prisoner
a privilege condition of a ticket
a prize of a competition
a prize won
a probability condition
a problem
a problem situation
a problem with an answer
a process
a process input
a process of production
a process output
a process stage
a process with something sudden
a procreater
a producer
a producer of a sound
a product
a profit
a profitable activity
a promiser
a prong of a fork
a propellant of a hammer
a property
a property defining a curve
a property exceeded
a property in which something is less than
a property in which something parallel is different
a property of a chain's link
a property of a limit
a property of amusement
a property of an affix
a property of a quantum particle
a property of a star
a property of a subset
a property of a system
a property of attractiveness
a property of being miscellaneous
a property of brightness
a property of completeness
a property of correctness
a property of denseness
a property of depth
a property of dimness
a property of distantness
a property of exactness
a property of exceeding
a property of extremeness
a property of fragility
a property of greatness
a property of harmony
a property of injury
a property of largeness
a property of neatness
a property of perfection
a property of permanence
a property of principalness
a property of pureness
a property of rareness
a property of regularness
a property of satisfaction
a property of similarity
a property of strangeness
a property of strength
a property of temporariness
a property of variance
a property of weakness
a property searched for
a property which something seems to have
a propulsion of a boat
a propulsion of a jump
a propulsion of an aircraft
a propulsion of a plough
a propulsion of a train
a propulsion of a vehicle
a protester
a provider
a pubic area
a puller
a pulley
a pump
a pumping destination
a pumping means
a pumping origin
a punctuater
a punctuation
a punisher
a punishment
a pupil of a school
a purity of chemical
a purpose for a brush
a purpose for a desire
a purpose for regimentation
a purpose of a building
a purpose of a ceremony
a purpose of a command
a purpose of a committee
a purpose of a company
a purpose of a computer
a purpose of a diplomat
a purpose of a fork
a purpose of a garment
a purpose of a hunt
a purpose of a lever
a purpose of an action taken
a purpose of a need
a purpose of a park
a purpose of a quotation
a purpose of a screw
a purpose of a shelf
a purpose of a spoon
a purpose of a tool
a purpose of creation
a purpose of furniture
a purpose something is sufficient for
a purpose something is used for
a quality in which something hinders
a quantity
a quantity of acid
a quantity of air
a quantity of alcohol
a quantity of alkali
a quantity of barley
a quantity of beer
a quantity of brass
a quantity of bread
a quantity of bronze
a quantity of buckwheat
a quantity of butter
a quantity of carbon
a quantity of ceramic
a quantity of chalk
a quantity of cheese
a quantity of chocolate
a quantity of citrus
a quantity of clay
a quantity of cloth
a quantity of coal
a quantity of coffee
a quantity of copper
a quantity of cork
a quantity of cotton
a quantity of cream
a quantity of crystal
a quantity of foam
a quantity of garlic
a quantity of glass
a quantity of gold
a quantity of grease
a quantity of halogen
a quantity of hemp
a quantity of hydrogen
a quantity of ice
a quantity of inert gas
a quantity of ink
a quantity of iron
a quantity of jelly
a quantity of juice
a quantity of lead
a quantity of linen
a quantity of liquor
a quantity of maize
a quantity of meat
a quantity of mercury
a quantity of metal
a quantity of milk
a quantity of millet
a quantity of money subunits
a quantity of nickel
a quantity of nitrogen
a quantity of oats
a quantity of oxygen
a quantity of petroleum
a quantity of plastic
a quantity of powder
a quantity of protein
a quantity of rice
a quantity of rubber
a quantity of rye
a quantity of salt
a quantity of sand
a quantity of silk
a quantity of silver
a quantity of snow
a quantity of soap
a quantity of soda
a quantity of soil
a quantity of soya
a quantity of sponge
a quantity of starch
a quantity of steel
a quantity of sugar
a quantity of sulphur
a quantity of tar
a quantity of tea
a quantity of tin
a quantity of tobacco
a quantity of water
a quantity of wax
a quantity of wheat
a quantity of wine
a quantity of wood
a quantity of wool
a quantity of zinc
a quantum particle
a question
a questioner
a quoter
a quotient
a quotient's dividend
a quotient's divisor
a quotient's remainder
a rabbit
a race a sun is home star of
a race of a home planet
a radian standard
a rail
a randomness probability distribution
a range of locality
a range of stretchiness
a rat
a ratio
a raw material for a factory
a reader
a reason for a debt
a reason for a fight
a reason for an opinion
a reason for a plea
a reason for a reward
a reason for gratitude
a reason for interruption
a reason for revenge
a reason for war
a reason for weeping
a reason of importance
a receiver of a braodcast
a receiver of a gift
a receiver of a request
a receiver of a service
a receiver of forgiveness
a receiver of help
a reciever of gratefulness
a recipe for cooking
a recipient of something provided
a record
a recurrence
a red
a reed instrument
a reed of a reed instrument
a reference for being current
a reference frame for being behind
a reference frame for being in front
a reference frame for being on top
a reference frame in which something is aside
a reference frame of aboveness
a reference frame of beneathness
a reference frame of eastness
a reference frame of southness
a reference frame of verticalness
a reference frame of westness
a reference of a ratio
a reference of differentness
a reference point of depth
a reflecter
a reflective metal
a regimenting system
a region served by a city
a regretter
a relationship
a relaxer
a religion
a religion of a church
a religion with a fairy
a religious belief
a religious believer
a relyer
a remembered subject
a rememberer
a remover
a repairer
a replacement
a reptile
a requester
a respecter
a responder
a responder's stimlus
a responder's stimulus
a response
a response condition
a responsibility
a restaurant
a restaurant customer
a restaurant food
a rester
a restraint
a result of crushing
a result of translation
a returner
a reversed
a reward
a rewardee
a rewarder
a rhythm
a ribbon
a ridiculer
a right-angle
a ring
a river
a road
a road's destination
a road's origin
a road's route
a robe
a rock
a rocket
a rocket payload
a rod
a roller
a rolling surface
a room
a room partition
a root
a root word
a root word affix
a root word argument role
a root word relation
a rope
a rose
a route
a route gone by
a route of leaving
a route of movement
a route of travel
a rule
a rule obeyed
a rule of abstraction
a rule of a ceremony
a rule of an implication
a rule of a standard
a rule of ordering
a runner
a running gait
a running surface
a rural area
a Russian aspect
a saddening
a sail
a salad
a salad ingredient
a salaried work
a salary
a sandwich
a sandwich casing
a sandwich filling
a Sanskrit aspect
a sauce
a Saudi Arabian aspect
a sayer
a scale
a scale of an opposite
a scale of neutrality
a school
a science
ASCII character
ASCII text
a Scottish aspect
a scratcher
a screen
a screw
a screw thread
a sea
a searcher
a season
a seasoning
a seasoning flavour
a season's interval
a season's year
a seed
a seer
a seller
a semantic of an article
a Semitic aspect
a sense a noise is perceived with
a sense something is pungent to
a sense something vanished from
a sentence
a sentence topic
a separating partition
a sequence before reversal
a sequence something precedes in
a server
a service
a set containing group
a set of an average
a set of choices
a set with an example
a set with a superlative member
a sewer
a sewing thread
a sewing tool
a sewn material
a sexual activity
a sexuality
a shadow
a shallowness reference point
a shape
a shape of a tile
a shape of matter
a share of a distribution
a sheep
a sheep's flock
a sheet
a shelf
a shell
a shelter
a shirt
a shoal
a shoe
a shoe's foot
a shoreline with bay
a shovel
a shover
a sibling
a side of a block
a side of a surface
a sign
a simple property
a sine
a singer
a sister
a site
a site of condensation
a sitter
a situation
a situation for correctness
a situation with an ethic
a skate
a skin
a skirt
a sky
a Slavic aspect
a slice
a smell
a smeller
a smiler
as much as possible
a snake
a sneeze
a sock
a sofa
a soldier
a solution in which something is dissolved
a son
a sound
a sound of a bell
a sound of a rhyme
a soup
a soup ingredient
a source language for translation
a source metaphor of a compound word
a source of a crop
a source of alcohol
a source of a skin
a source of bread
a source of butter
a source of chalk
a source of cheese
a source of coal
a source of coffee
a source of drainage
a source of dust
a source of excreted waste
a source of grease
a source of juice
a source of learning
a source of lightning
a source of liquor
a source of milk
a source of news
a source of paper
a source of petroleum
a source of removal
a source of rubber
a source of salt
a source of sand
a source of silk
a source of smoke
a source of soap
a source of soil
a source of spit
a source of starch
a source of suction
a source of sugar
a source of tar
a source of wax
a source of wool
a source text for translation
a South American aspect
a Soviet aspect
a sower
a sowing location
a space
a Spanish aspect
a species
a species of a creature
a species of a female
a species of amphibian
a species of an infant
a species of ant
a species of apple
a species of bacteria
a species of banana
a species of barley
a species of bear
a species of bee
a species of berry
a species of bird
a species of buckwheat
a species of cabbage
a species of camel
a species of cassava
a species of cat
a species of chicken
a species of citrus
a species of cockroach
a species of conifer
a species of cork
a species of cow
a species of deer
a species of dog
a species of donkey
a species of duck
a species of elephant
a species of fig
a species of fish
a species of flea
a species of fly
a species of fox
a species of fruit
a species of garlic
a species of goat
a species of goose
a species of grain
a species of grass
a species of hemp
a species of horse
a species of insect
a species of lichen
a species of lion
a species of lotus
a species of maize
a species of male
a species of mammal
a species of melon
a species of monkey
a species of moth
a species of mould
a species of mouse
a species of nillet
a species of nut
a species of oak
a species of oats
a species of pear
a species of pig
a species of plant
a species of plant bulb
a species of potato
a species of rabbit
a species of rat
a species of reptile
a species of rice
a species of rose
a species of rye
a species of sheep
a species of snake
a species of sorghum
a species of soya
a species of spider
a species of tiger
a species of tobacco
a species of tomato
a species of tree
a species of tulip
a species of turkey
a species of virus
a species of wheat
a species of wolf
a species of wood
a species of worm
a specific feature
a speed of a wind
a spider
a spit liquid
a spitter
a spoon
a springtime
a stage of suddenness
a stairway
a standard
a standard defining a family
a standard defining a full day
a standard for an error
a standard for being frequent
a standard for being identical
a standard for completeness
a standard for craziness
a standard for earliness
a standard for half
a standard for hour
a standard for politeness
a standard for truth
a standard of amperes
a standard of a second
a standard of a week
a standard of a year
a standard of badness
a standard of beauty
a standard of boyhood
a standard of bravery
a standard of broadness
a standard of childhood
a standard of compatibility
a standard of complexity
a standard of correctness
a standard of differentness
a standard of excess
a standard of expensiveness
a standard of falseness
a standard of familiarity
a standard of girlhood
a standard of goodness
a standard of greatness
a standard of health
a standard of heaviness
a standard of height
a standard of largeness
a standard of living
a standard of longness
a standard of loudness
a standard of lowness
a standard of minutes
a standard of narrowness
a standard of newness
a standard of nobility
a standard of parallelness
a standard of permanence
a standard of rationality
a standard of sexuality
a standard of shallowness
a standard of shortness
a standard of silence
a standard of skill
a standard of smallness
a standard of strength
a standard of temporariness
a standard of thickness
a standard of thinness
a standard of virtue
a standard of weakness
a standard of youth
a standards of depth
a stander
a star
a start of an elapse of time
a start point of something straight
a state before spreading
a state of pause
a stem
a step of a stariway
a steradian standard
a stirrer
a stockpile
a story
a story audience
a story plot
a storyteller
a street
a street location
a stringed musical instrument
a stringed musical instrument's bow
a stroker
a stroking implement
a structure
a structure with a doorway
a structure with a window
a structure word
a structure word's grammatical class
a struggle between enemies
a studier
a subject known
a subject learned
a subject of a belief
a subject of a comment
a subject of a felt emotion
a subject of a guess
a subject of a myth
a subject of an opinion
a subject of a poem
a subject of a question
a subject of a recording
a subject of a science
a subject of a talk
a subject of curiosity
a subject of flippancy
a subject of happiness
a subject of hunger
a subject of information
a subject of news
a subject of prose
a subject of protest
a subject of something understood
a subject of stubbornness
a subject of wiseness
a subject taught
a subject taught in a school
a subordinate
a subordinate aspect
a subset
a subunit of a non-metric area
a subunit of a non-metric long distance
a subunit of a non-metric short distance
a subunit of a non-metric volume
a subunit of a non-metric weight
a suburban area
a succeeder
a successful effort
a sucker
a sufferer of a tragedy
a sufficient
a suggested idea
a suggester
a summer
a summer's location
a summer's year
a sun
a sun's planet
a superlative extreme
a superlative property
a supporter
a support of an umbrella
a support used for standing
a surface
a surface climbed
a surface for a vehicle
a surface printed on
a surface sat on
a surface slid on
a surface stood on
a surface treaded on
a surface walked on
a surrenderer
a survival interval
a surviver
a suspension support
a swallower
a sweating gland
a swelling
a swimmer
a syllable
a symbol
a symptom of an illness
a Syrian aspect
a system
a system defining an address
a system of a train
a system structure
a system with a rule
a table
a table support
a tag
a tail
a taker
a taker of action
a taker of revenge
a talent
a talker
a tangent
a Taoist aspect
a target language for translation
a taste
a tax
a teacher
a team
a tear wept
a telephone
a telephone system
a temperature at which something burns
a temperature of condensation
a temperature of melting
a tenth
a territory of a country
a test
a tested property
a texture
a thickness of a tile
a thousand
a thousand aspect
a thousandth
a thousandth aspect
a thread
a threat defended
a threat sheltered against
a threat something is safe from
a throat
a thrower
a thumb
a ticket
a ticket holder
a tide
a tide's cause
a tiger
a tile
a time
a time of birth
a timer
a timing method
a timing precision
a tine of a comb
a tip
at liberty to do
a tomato
a tone
a tone pitch
a tone source
a tongue
a tool
a tool for climbing
a tooth
a topic of agreement
a topic of assumption
a topic of seriousness
a total of a sum
a toucher
a touching implement
a toy played with
a trader
a tragedy
a train
a transformation result
a translateer
a transmission receiver
a transmitter
a transport destination
a transporter
a transport origin
a transport route
a trap used for capture
a traveler
a tray
a treader
a treading limb
a tree
a tricker
a trillion
a trillion aspect
a tryer
attacked website
a tube
a tulip
a turkey
a twisting force
a type of alcohol
a type of alkali
a type of chemical
a type of energy
a type of halogen
a type of inert gas
a type of mineral
a type of nail
a type of plastic
a type of protein
a type of soda
a type of worn garment
a typical property
a Ukrainian aspect
a unit
a unit of time
a unit property
a unit scale
a universe
a usage of a metaphor
a use for something repaired
a use of something with value
a user of a language
a user of a name
a vaccine
a vagina
a value
a value of a coin
a vanisher
a vehicle
a vehicle with a cabin
a vertex of an angle
a vertex of a right-angle
a victim of cruelty
a victim of revenge
a view
a viewpoint
a view-point of a history
a violent act
a virus
a voice
a vomiter
a vulva
a walker
a wall
a warner
a washer
a watershed of a river
a wave
a waveform
a wave frequency
a wavelength
a wave medium
a weapon
a weapon user
a wearer
a wearer of a garment
a weaver
a wedge
a weeper
a weight
a weight in grams
a weight-producing field
a welcomer
a well
a wheel
a whistler
a wickedness standard
a wind
a window
a wing
a winner
a winter
a winter location
a winter year
a wolf
a woman
a womb
a word
a word with an affix
a work activity
a worker
a work goal
a work in a book
a work of fiction
a work of fiction's author
a work of fiction's plot
a worm
a woven product
a wrinkle
a writer
a writer of a poem
a writing device using ink
a writing implement
a writing medium
a yarn for knitting
a yarn for weaving
a year of springtime
a yelled sound
a yeller
back of body
be able to
body language
clumsy event
complexity property
contents of a bottle
contents of a pail
damaged book
data for calculation
data in a chart
economic system
effect's cause
feel oops
feel whoops
have occupation
information on a tag
legal or moral right
let happen
limbs runs with
link of a chain
logic system
Native American
New Zealandish
organisms in a community
origin of a transmission
outer space
overlapping sets
palm tree
people of a team
predicate variable 1
predicate variable 2
predicate variable 3
predicate variable 4
predicate variable 5
prevented by
properties of a key
property of awfullness
property of coolness
purpose of a button
purpose of a team
seem to be
someone anxious
someone with a behaviour
something a boundary is across
something about which something is anxious
something about which something is honest
something above
something abraded
something abraded from
something a bridge links
something absorbed
something absorbed from
something absorbed into
something abstracted
something accessed by a street
something accompanied
something accompanied by sauce
something achieved slowly
something a cigar is made of
something acquired
something across a boundary
something a diplomat represents
something adjacent
something adjusted
something a doorway is between
something adorned
something African
something against which something is restrained
something agreed with
something Algerian
something alien
something a limb is jointed to
something alive
something allowed
something allowed by a liberty
something allowing access to open portal
something American
something amused
something amusing
something analysed
something angry
something Antarctican
something anxious
something a planet orbits
something applying pressure
something approved of
something a prize is won from
something Arabic
something arched over or around
something Argentinian
something artificial
something ashamed
something Asiatic
something aside something
something asleep
something assumed
something at a middle
something at liberty
something at peace
something at peace with
something attacked
something attentive
something attracted
something attractive
something at war
something at war with
something at which something is thrown
something Australian
something automatic
something avoided
something awake
something a wall separates
something aware of something
something a weapon is used against
something awe-inspiring
something bad
something baked with an oven
something balanced
something beautiful
something becoming full
something beer is brewed from
something behind something
something being given access by open portal
something believed
something beneath
something Bengali
something bent
something between
something billed
something bitten
something bitter
something black
something blocked by an umbrella
something blocked by filter
something blue
something boiling
something bordered by an edge
something born
something borrowed
something braked
something braking
something brave
something Brazilian
something breathed
something bridged across
something bright
something British
something broad
something broadcast
something broken
something brought about by power
something brown
something Buddhist
something by which something is pulled
something Canadian
something cancerous
something canned
something capable
something capable of being done
something captured
something carried by a carriage
something carried by a vehicle
something carried in a car
something caused
something caused by a flaw
something causing an outcome
something causing fear
something causing friction by rubbing
something causing injury
something causing pride
something ceased
something celebrated
something challenged
something chaotic
something chased
something Chinese
something chosen
something Christian
something clean
something climbed by stairs
something closed
something clumsy
something cold
something collided with
something colliding
something combined
something combined to
something comfortable
something commanded
something common or general
something compared
something compared with
something compatible
something complete
something complex
something concealed
something condemned
something condensing
something confused
something confusing
something constant
something consumed
something containing a drop
something contradicted
something controlled by a muscle
something convinced
something convinced of
something copied
something correct
something coughed
something counted in trillions
something crazy
something cruel
something crushed
something cured
something curious
something current
something cushioned
something cut
something cut by shears
something cut with a knife
something cyan
something dangerous
something dark
something dead
something decreasing
something deep
something defended
something defined by a grammar
something demonstrated
something dense
something derogated
something described
something described by gene
something desired
something destroyed
something detailed
something detected
something detecting a smell
something determined by fortune
something different
something difficult
something dim
something disgusted
something disgusting
something dissolved in
something dissolving
something distant
something distressed
something disturbed
something dived from
something dived to
something divided
something divided by
something divided by a doorway
something dividing
something done bravely
something done fast
something done mutually
something doubted
something dreamed
something drunk
something dry
something dug
something dug from
something dug with a shovel
something dusty
something early
something easy
something eaten
something eclosed
something Egyptian
something elastic
something embarrassed
something emitting a smell
something emphasized
something empty
something enclosing
something encountered
something encountering problem
something encrypted
something enforced by police
something English
something entitled by a ticket
something envied
something envious
something European
something exact
something exceeded
something existing
something expelled by rocket jet
something expensive
something experienced
something experiencing harshness
something explained
something explained to
something exploding
something exponential
something expressed by a moan
something expressed in a language
something extended over
something extending over
something extreme
something failed at
something false
something familiar
something famous
something fast
something fastened to
something fat
something fearful
something feeling emotion
something felt sorry about
something felt sorry for
something fertile
something firm
something fitted snugly
something flippant
something floated on
something focused by a lens
something foggy
something folded
something foolish
something forced to occur
something foreign
something forgiven
something for which something is bad
something for which something is good
something fought with
something found in a direction
something fragile
something freezing
something French
something frequent
something fresh
something from which something is borrowed
something from which something is concealed
something from which something is taken
something frustrated
something full
something funny
something furnished
something gathered by a sail
something gathering
something German
something given access by open portal
something given access to open portal
something going
something good
something governed
something governed by a polity
something grateful
something gray
something great
something Greek
something green
something ground
something growing in a garden
something guessed
something guided
something halved
something hammered
something happy
something harmonious
something harsh
something hated
something healthy
something heard
something heavy
something Hebrew
something held
something hindered
something Hindi
something Hispanic
something hit
something holding a pack together
something holding something responsible
something holy
something hoped for
something horned
something hot
something hungry
something ice is made of
something identical
something idle
something ill
something illuminated by a light
something imagined
something immaterial
something immersed
something important
something inaccessible due to closure
something in a container
something increasing
something in danger
something indivisible
something Indonesian
something in excess
something infinite
something in front
something in harmony
something inherited
something injured
something innate
something inserted
something inserted into
something inside of something
something insured
something interacted with
something interested
something interesting
something interrupted
something intersected
something intersecting
something intuited
something invested
something invested in
something involved in an affair
something in which something increases
something in which something is rich
something Iraqi
something ironic
something irregular
something Islamic
something issuing money
something Japanese
something joined
something joined to
something Jordanian
something Judeo-Christian
something justified
something kept
something kept separate
something kept separate from
something kicked
something killed
something kind
something kissed
something knitted
something labelled by an article
something lacked
something lasting weeks
something late
something Latin
something layered
something lazily avoided
something lazy
something learned
something Lebanese
something left
something level
something Libyan
something lichen grows on
something lifted
something lightweight
something liked
something linked by bridge
something local
something locked
something Lojbanic
something long
something looked at
something looking
something loose
something lost
something loud
something loved
something low
something lured
something made
something magenta
something magical
something magnetic
something mailed
something Malaysian
something mandated by a rule
something manual
something marked
something married
something married to
something mature
something measured
something measured by a standard
something measured in amperes
something measured in a scale
something measured in candela
something measured in full days
something measured in hours
something measured in Kelvins
something measured in litres
something measured in metres
something measured in moles
something measured in money subunits
something measured in non-metric area
something measured in non-metric long distance
something measured in non-metric short distance
something measured in non-metric volume
something measured in non-metric weight
something measured in radians
something measured in seconds
something measured in steradian
something measured in tens
something measured in tenths
something measured in years
something melting
something Mexican
something mild
something miscellaneous
something modest
something moist
something Moroccan
something motivated
something mould grows on
something moving
something multiplied
something multiplied by
something naked
something named
something narrow
something near
something neat
something necessary
something needed
something neutral
something new
something north
something North American
something not encrypted
something not organized
something obeying
something obligated
something obscured by a curtain
something observed
something occupying a space
something of which something is aware
something of which something is poor
something on top
something on which something is relied to do
something open
something operated
something orange
something orbited by a moon
something ordered
something organized
something oscillating
something outside
something paid for
something Pakistani
something Palestinian
something panicked about
something panicking
something parallel to something
something passed by filter
something paused for
something penetrated
something perfect
something permanent
something persistant
something pierced by a pin
something pinched with tongs
something placed
something planned
something pleasant
something pleased
something ploughed
something poisonous
something poked
something polished
something polite
something Polynesian
something poor
something portioned
something Portuguese
something possessed
something powered by engine
something powered by fuel
something preceded
something precious
something preserved at a museum
something principal
something private
something probable
something procreated
something produced by a farm
something produced by an industry
something producing excrement
something promised
something propelled by a sail
something proud
something provided
something public
something pulled
something pumped
something punctuated
something pungent
something punishable
something punished
something pure
something purple
something quoted
something radiated
something radiating
something random
something rare
something rational
something reachable through open portal
something read
something read from
something ready
something ready for
something reasoned about with logic
something receiving a distribution
something receiving a plea
something receiving a promise
something receiving offering
something recorded
something reflected
something regimented
something regretted
something regular
something related
something relaxing
something relevant
something relied on
something remaining after a removal
something remembered
something removed
something repaired
something replaced
something represented
something represented by a symbol
something representing
something requested
something respected
something rested on
something restrained
something returned
something rhymed with
something rich
something ridiculed
something ridiculed about
something rotating on an axle
something rough
something round
something rubbed to cause friction
something Russian
something said
something Sanskrit
something satisfied
something satisfying
something Saudi Arabian
something Scottish
something scratched
something seen
something Semitic
something separated by a wall
something serious
something served at a bar
something served by an army
something sexual
something shallow
something sharp
somethings held responsible
something sheltered
something shielded by an umbrella
something shocked
something shocking
something short
something shoved
something showing audacity
something shown by a picture
something silent
something similar
something similar to
something simple
something skated over
something skilled
something skilled at
something Slavic
something sliced
something sliding
something sloped
something slow
something small
something smelled
something smooth
something snug
something soft
something sold
something sold at a market
something solid
something sour
something South American
something Soviet
something sown
something Spanish
something specified by law
something spiritual
something spontaneous
something spread
something staying
something sticky
something stiff
something stirred
something stockpiled
something straight
something strange
something stretchy
something stroked
something strong
something structured
something stubborn
something stubbornly opposed
something stuck to
something studied
something succeeded at
something sucked
something sudden
something summed
something summed with
something sung
something superlative
something supported
something supported against
something supported by a bed
something supported by a frame
something supported by a platform
something supported by a rail
something supported by a shelf
something supported by a skate
something supported by pedestal
something surprised
something surprising
something surrendered to
something surrounded by a collar
something survived
something susceptible to virus
something suspended
something swallowed
something sweating
something sweet
something symbolised by a flag
something symbolised by a lotus
something Syrian
something taken
something taken care of
something talented
something talked to
something Taoist
something tasty
something taut
something taxed
something temporary
something tested
something textured
something that accepts a meaning
something that adorns
something that begins
something that burns
something that causes closure
something that causes rotting
something that eats food
something that errs
something that evolves
something that feels sorry
something that gives birth
something that is blocked due to closure
something that is sad
something that is safe from a threat
something that is south of something
something that makes an egg
something that makes a rule obeyed
something that purchases something for a price
something that rains
something that receives a bill
something that recurs
something that rhymes
something that rotates
something that rots
something that sends a bill
something that sets a price
something that something is empty of
something that something is full of
something that something is helped to do
something that something is lured into
something that something is modest about
something that something is related to
something that something is returned from
something that something is returned to
something that something is tricked into
something that transforms
something thick
something thin
something thirsty
something thrown
something tired
something tiring
something to the left of something
something to the right of something
something touched
something to which something exists
something to which something is above
something to which something is a crime
something to which something is adjacent
something to which something is alien
something to which something is a profit
something to which something is aside
something to which something is a value
something to which something is behind
something to which something is beneath
something to which something is between
something to which something is bitter
something to which something is challenged
something to which something is different
something to which something is distant
something to which something is earlier
something to which something is east
something to which something is easy
something to which something is expensive
something to which something is famous
something to which something is fertile
something to which something is foreign
something to which something is funny
something to which something is holy
something to which something is honest
something to which something is identical
something to which something is important
something to which something is in front
something to which something is kind
something to which something is later
something to which something is left of
something to which something is less than
something to which something is magical
something to which something is near
something to which something is north
something to which something is on top
something to which something is outside
something to which something is parallel
something to which something is personal
something to which something is poisonous
something to which something is precious
something to which something is relevant
something to which something is right of
something to which something is sold
something to which something is sour
something to which something is south
something to which something is strange
something to which something is subordinate
something to which something is sweet
something to which something is tasty
something to which something is transparent
something to which something is west
something traded
something traded for
something traded with
something transmitted
something transparent
something transported
something tricked
something tried
something true
something twisting
something typical
something Ukrainian
something under authority
something under control
something understood
something uniform
something unordered
something Urdu
something used
something used to bite
something used to hit
something used to hold
something using a favourable sense
something using tongs
something vaccinated
something varying
something vertical
something vibrating
something viewed
something virtuous
something washed
something weak
something weighed in grams
something welcomed
something which allows
something which is earlier than something
something which is east of something
something which is later than something
something which is less than something
something which is possible
something which is present
something which is west of something
something which perceives a colour
something which repeats
something which seems to have a property
something whistled
something white
something wicked
something wild
something wise
something with 10 to the eighteenths
something with 10 to the fifteenths
something with 10 to the negative eighteenths
something with 10 to the negative fifteenths
something with 10 to the negative twelfths
something with 10 to the negative twenty-firsts
something with 10 to the negative twenty-fourths
something with 10 to the twenty-firsts
something with 10 to the twenty-fourths
something with a basis
something with a body
something with a bone
something with a brain
something with a branch
something with a breast
something with a brother
something with a brow
something with a buttocks
something with a button
something with a camp
something with a cavity
something with a chest
something with a claw
something with a colour
something with a committee
something with a corner
something with a cousin
something with a crack
something with a crust
something with a culture
something with a current
something with a curve
something with a custom
something with a destiny
something with a difficulty
something with a dimension
something with a drawer
something with a duration in minutes
something with a ego
something with a face
something with a father
something with a favourable sense
something with a feather
something with a finger or toe
something with a flaw
something with a floor
something with a foot
something with a fortune
something with a friend
something with a gland
something with a gonad
something with a guest
something with a hand
something with a head
something with a heart
something with a hinged limb
something with a history
something with a home
something with a hoof
something with a jaw
something with a job
something with a knot
something with a leg
something with a lid
something with a limit
something with a lip
something with a liver
something with a logarithm
something with a lung
something with a meaning
something with a method
something with a middle
something with a million
something with a mind
something with a mother
something with a mouth
something with a muscle
something with an abdomen
something with an address
something with an ancestor
something with an anus
something with an arm
something with an aunt or uncle
something with an ear
something with a necessity
something with a neck
something with an edge
something with a need
something with an enemy
something with a nerve
something with an ethic
something with an eye
something with an idea
something with an indivisible peice
something with an inheritor
something with an innate property
something with an opinion
something with an opposite
something with an organ
something with an origin
something with a nose
something with a offspring
something with a page
something with a parent
something with a part
something with a passport
something with a pattern
something with a penis
something with a pocket
something with a pressure applied
something with a price
something with a principal
something with a prisoner
something with a property
something with a pubic area
something with a ratio
something with a rhythm
something with a river
something with a room
something with a root
something with a rural area
something with a shape
something with a shell
something with a sibling
something with a sister
something with a site
something with a situation
something with a son
something with a specific feature
something with a subset
something with a suburban area
something with a surface
something with a tag
something with a tail
something with a taste
something with a throat
something with a thumb
something with a tide
something with a time
something with a tip
something with a tongue
something with a tooth
something with authority
something with a vagina
something with a value
something with a voice
something with a vulva
something with a wall
something with a wheel
something with a wing
something with a womb
something with billions
something with billionths
something with electricity
something with hair
something with hundreds
something with hundreths
something with intestines
something with millionths
something with power
something with something inside
something with something loose
something with thousands
something with thousandths
something with urine
something with waste
something with weight
something with which something is comfortable
something with which something is compatible
something with which something is fastened
something worn
something wrinkled
something written
something yellow
something young
somethuing hunted
someting warned
somewhere rain falls
somewhere rain falls from
standard of awfullness
standard of coolness
text to be encoded to ASCII
the automatic function
the composition of something solid
the degree of variation
the dimension of thickness
the direction of stiffness
the effect caused
the error
the feature of familiarity
the force something is firm against
the force something is stiff against
the force to which something is soft
the gas composition
the manual function
the material of a liquid
the means of observation
the number of amperes
the number of hours
the number of radians
the number of seconds
the number of steradians
the observer of familiarity
the observer of something seeming to have a property
the one who expects
the one who feels the taste
the one who logically induces
the one who remembers their experience
the one who touch-feels
the property of completeness
the property of permanence
the property of strength
the property of temporariness
the property of variance
the property of weakness
the property which something seems to have
the responder
the responder's stimulus
the response
the solution in which something is dissolved
the ticket holder
the transformation result
things mutually doing something
to be in sejant position
too much
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