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valsi xoi
type experimental cmavo
creator arj
time entered Wed Mar 30 18:42:19 2005

Definition #56726 - Preferred [edit]
selma'o XOI
definition Right-scoping adverbial clause: encloses a bridi and turns it into an adverbial term; the antecedent (ke'a) of the enclosed bridi stands for the outer bridi {lo su'u no'a ku} (the bridi in which this xoi term appears), including all the other adverbial terms (tags...) within this bridi located on the right of this xoi term (rightward scope).
notes Terminator: se'u
gloss words
created by Ilmen
vote information 2
time Sun Jun 8 20:43:12 2014


Example #1:

ko'a jungau lo se mipri xoi fo'a fengu fi ke'a

(by Ilmen) [edit]
Definition #1 [edit]
selma'o FIhO
definition converts bridi into nonce modal/sumti tag clause sharing common places with the main clause
notes 1. The first place containing abstraction (if present in the predicate of the subordinate clause) is automatically applied to the whole bridi if not explicitly defined otherwise 2. If the first place is an object it's applied to the first place of the bridi. See also fi'o
gloss words
created by arj
vote information 0
time Tue Nov 27 14:35:19 2012


Definition #36692 [edit]
selma'o UI1 / ROI / NA
definition \emph{1.} attitudinal: command - abandon command - command not to obey. \emph{2.} to the degree of...When prefixed by a number, turns the number into a selbri that expresses some truth value between zero and one, inclusive. \emph{3.} it may or may not be the case that ...
notes This experimental cmavo form has been assigned meanings several times independently. The first sense is expanding ko to third-person commands. In Lojban, there're no convenient ways to issue third-person commands, including cohortatives like "Let's go!", which could be rendered with zo xoi as lu xoi mi'o klama li'u. cf. la'e, doi, ko, la'ei and xa'e. The second sense, suggested on the Lojban Wiki by Xod, generalizes na and ja'a by creating a scale between them. This can be seen as an implementation of fuzzy logic. This sense has now been retired in favor of subscripting ja'a with xi. The third sense, apparently invented by Nora Lechevalier some time earlier (at least before 1997), is not intended seriously, but rather as a kind of reductio-ad-absurdum. As it makes any sentence true, regardless of the content, it shows that a language that is excessively free to interpretation is impossible to express anything in.
created by gleki
vote information 0
time Sun Aug 19 02:36:03 2012



Definition #36748 [edit]
selma'o FIhO
definition преобразует bridi в специальное для данного случая модальное придаточное предложение, имещего общие sumti-места с главным предложением
notes 1. Первое место, содержащее абстракцию/событие (если такое место присутствует в сказуемом придаточного предложения) автоматически относится ко всей главной bridi 2. Если первое место содержит объект, то он автоматически относится к первому месту главной bridi. См. также fi'o
gloss words
created by gleki
vote information -1
time Tue Nov 27 14:33:44 2012


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