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This is a "best guess" listing for the word "utka" in language English, meaning that only one of the definitions for this word will be shown (the one with the highest total votes). See all the definitions for utka.

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valsi utka
type fu'ivla
creator lalxu
time entered Sun May 27 12:50:39 2018

Definition #70722 [edit]
definition x1 and x2 are path-linked by binary predicate x3 (ka) via intermediate steps x4 (ce'o; (ordered) list).
notes For example, "lo stedu ku utka lo birka lo ka (ce'u ce'u) lamji" is true, with x4 equal to something like "lo cnebo ce'o lo cutne ce'o lo janco". (Also: "lo stedu ku lamji'utka lo birka".) Formally, "utka (A, B, P,[L1,..., Ln])" is equivalent to "P(A, L1) and P(L1, L2) and ... and P(L(n-1), Ln) and P(Ln, B)". The x4 may be empty ("lo nomei") if there are no intermediate steps (id est: the relevant path-linking between x1 and x2 is direct). x4 is a list of only the intermediate steps between x1 and x2 and does not include x1 or x2 themselves; it is ordered so that the relevant relation (x3) holds between x1 and the first term/entry of the list (in that order), between each successive pair of consecutive terms/entries of the list (in the order in which they are listed), and between the last term/entry of the list and x2 (in that order). x4 may not be unique. x3 may not be symmetric (commutative) under exchange of its operands. The predicate may be asymmetrical (thus, graph-theoretically, the edges may be directed). Neither acyclicity nor geodesicity is implied. At the level of conceptual resolution being employed in the context of its usage, x4 should specify every node along at least one path from x1 to x2 in order and without any gaps/omissions. See also: ".efku", "ki'irsi", ".utka'au", "takni", "taknyklojyzilpra". See ".utkaro" and ".utkakpu" for somewhat stronger conditions, and ".utkaje" for a stronger condition still; see ".utkazo" for a weaker condition than this word (namely: allowing omissions in the path specification), and ".utkazau" for an alternative.
gloss words
created by lalxu
vote information 3
time Sat Apr 15 02:42:17 2023


lalxu{pluta} + {ckaji}[edit]
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