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This is a "best guess" listing for the word "tcuskuue" in language English, meaning that only one of the definitions for this word will be shown (the one with the highest total votes). See all the definitions for tcuskuue.

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valsi tcuskuue
type fu'ivla
creator krtisfranks
time entered Mon Feb 5 22:19:13 2018

Definition #70449 - Preferred [edit]
definition x1 (lu; quote) is said/expressed by x2, followed by expression x3 (lu; quote), via expressive medium x4, and then continuing on/proceeding/serially resuming to express/say x5 (lu; quote), and then x6 (lu; quote), and then x7 (lu; quote), ... (open-ended terbri structure of arbitrarily many sumti slots).
notes x1 and x3 form a continuous or resumptive quotation with no gap, namely: x1 + x3 (where '+' denotes concatenation); likewise, in general: x1 + x3 + x5 + x6 + x7 + ... (for as many terms as have been submitted). This word is useful for dialogue/monologue in books; for example: ""Hi", said Bill, "how are you?"" translates to "lu coi li'u tcuskuue la .bil. lu pei li'u". Notice that x2 can come before or after the selbri (in the bridi-head or bridi-tail, resp.), corresponding to "x2 said" or "said x2" resp. It is typical to have x3 complete the thought of x1; in verbal form, there may be a natural or temporal break between x1 and x3 between x3 and x5, between x5 and x6, vel sim. No audience is necessary. Modify this selbri via seltau in order to change how the expression is presented (examples: exclamation, question, imploration, dubious assertion, etc.). See: "cusku", ".alcu", "tcasnuue" (which differs from this word in that the expressions referenced thereby may not be quotes (although see the rest of this note) and may be replies between parties rather than continuations of a single utterance/expression/line of dialogue, unlike those referenced hereby; the open-ended terbri structure of this word is conceptually very similar in grammatical form, but not semantic import or intent, to that of that word). This word may also be used like the stream-controlling operator '�' in C++ or the terms of a 'print()' call/statement (delimited by commas) in Python. It may also be used for internal monologue for protracted or interrupted musings. "sedu'u" expressions should be avoided as submissions to the various quotation sumti slots, but may be taken by some speakers as grammatically acceptable.
gloss words
created by krtisfranks
vote information 2
time Wed Apr 26 09:28:15 2023
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krtisfranks{cusku} + {re}.[edit]
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