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valsi tcevlimaurempre
type lujvo
creator varikvalefor
time entered Sun Mar 20 03:44:58 2022


Example #1:

la'o gy. BURNT FACE MAN .gy xamgu tcevlimaurempre le ka mabla kei lo'i remna

(by varikvalefor) [edit]
Definition #72782 [edit]
definition The extent to which x1 exhibits property x2 is significantly greater than the extent to which the typical member of set x3 is capable of exhibiting property x2.
notes Heros what have superpowers are xamgu tcevlimaurempre. Villains what have superpowers are xlali tcevlimaurempre. [NEW TOPIC] The reader may find that the inclusion of "rem" in "tcevlimaurempre" is weird. However, the original definition of "tcevlimaurempre" is ROUGHLY equivalent to "some person whose power exceeds the power which the typical human can have". But VARIK finds that this definition is too human-centric and writes the second definition.
jargon type comics
gloss words
created by varikvalefor
vote information 1
time Sun Mar 20 04:49:18 2022


Definition #72781 - Preferred [edit]
definition le ni x1 ckaji x2 cu mutce zmadu le ni lo fadni cmima be x3 cu kakne le nu ckaji x2
notes .i lo xamgu tcevlimaurempre cu vudvri poi tcevlimaurempre .ije lo xlali tcevlimaurempre cu tolvudvri poi tcevlimaurempre .ni'o cumki fa le nu le tcidu cu se cizra le nu zo tcevlimaurempre vasru lo'u rem le'u .i ku'i zo tcevlimaurempre pu valsi lu lo prenu poi ke'a goi ko'a zo'u le ni ko'a vlipa cu mutce zmadu le ni lo fadni ba'e remna cu kakne le nu vlipa li'u .i ku'i la .varik. jinvi le du'u le pamoi vlavelcki be zo tcevlimaurempre cu dukse mulju'i pe'a lo remna kei gi'e ciska le remoi vlavelcki be zo tcevlimaurempre noi na mulju'i pe'a lo remna
jargon type lisxra
gloss words
created by varikvalefor
vote information 1
time Sun Mar 20 04:37:33 2022


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