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valsi si'i'ai
type experimental cmavo
creator krtisfranks
time entered Sat Aug 6 19:36:21 2016

Definition #68859 - Preferred [edit]
selma'o PA
definition digit/number: a finite/bounded number, finitely many.
notes The absolute value/magnitude/norm of this number is strictly less than positive infinity; this condition is the defining criterion. It need not be single-digit represented in the current base. It need not be real, positive, integral/whole, etc. In isolation, it might be equivalent to "ci'i nai" in some experimental conventions; when concatenated, it may behave somewhat differently in that it is more or less equivalent to xo'ei but unrestricted by the base and must not refer to ci'i. If ni'u or ma'u precedes it, then the referent of this word specifically is taken to be nonnegative if it is real - thus ni'usi'i'ai would be a finite/bounded but negative real number and ma'usi'i'ai would be a finite/bounded but positive real number, each possibly also including 0 as a possibility, under such assumptions. This is used with ni'u (resp. ma'u) in order to explicitly specify a finite and nonpositive (resp. nonnegative) number (if it is real); on their own, ni'u or ma'u can refer to infinities as well. xo'ei can refer to this meaning, but it is equipped with additional restrictions, since xo'e and xo'ei know their context; xo'e is a bit more general in that it can refer to infinite numbers too.
gloss words
created by krtisfranks
vote information 1
time Wed Feb 15 16:50:47 2017


krtisfranks{sisti} + {ci'i} + {nai}[edit]
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