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valsi sebo'ai
type cmavo-compound
creator krtisfranks
time entered Fri Jan 3 05:02:44 2014

Definition #44170 [edit]
selma'o BAI*
definition boxna modal, 2nd place: in/through/embedded in physical medium of wavelike/periodic propagation/transmission/travel ...
notes Specifies the physical medium in which a wave propagates/travels/is transmitted. Contrast with sebo'au. For example: the medium can be water (for water waves/ripples/tides). If specified to be spacetime (as in the case for light waves or gravitational waves), this construct would refer to physical spacetime (the "spacetime fabric"). (Contrast with specification of spacetime being referent of sebo'au: in this latter case, the mathematical space is considered to be spatial and/or temporal in dimensions/character/units, but it refers only to the wave/frequency space (the signal is arranged periodically through space and/or respectively time) as a mathematical object/"world", rather than the actual physical medium through which the signal is transmitted; usage of sebo'ai typically will not immediately worry/care about units/dimensions because the material properties of the medium are more relevant). The waveform may or may not be displayed in the medium (depending on the nature of the medium and the wave-space specified by sebo'au); but the waveform will always be displayed when the signal is plotted against/along its wave-space and wave-intensity-space (sebo'au and tebo'au referents, respectively). See also: boxna, bo'ai, sebo'ai, tebo'ai, vebo'ai, xebo'ai, sebo'au, tebo'au, vebo'au, xebo'au.
gloss words
created by krtisfranks
vote information 0
time Fri Jan 3 08:03:42 2014


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