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valsi sebo'au
type cmavo-compound
creator krtisfranks
time entered Fri Jan 3 06:12:41 2014

Definition #44172 [edit]
selma'o BAI*
definition boxna modal, 2nd place (alternative interpretation): in mathematical wave/frequency space ..., waving/periodic with respect to/through/in/across dimension ...;
notes Useful for Fourier transforms. Describes the mathematical (wave-)space in which a signal/pattern/arrangement/movement/etc. is periodic. For example: if time is specified, the signal/occurrence is periodic/oscillatory/wavelike in time; if space is specified, then the pattern/arrangement/movement/configuration/signal is periodic in spatial position/arrangement/occurrence. Note that the Fourier complement of a temporal signal is a (temporal) frequency and vice-versa; likewise for spatial signals and spatial frequency. Frequency spaces other than space and time exist. Not quite equivalent to sebo'ai. This word specifies a mathematical/abstract "space" in which a signal exists in some periodic fashion (such as for temporally or spatially wavelike phenomenon); sebo'ai is the physical medium through which a wave or signal is transmitted/travels. Not quite equivalent to xebo'ai. The frequency given by xebo'ai "lives" in the space specified by sebo'au in some sense; in a slightly different (but clearly related sense) the wave/signal lives in the mathematical space specified by sebo'au and takes shape/waveform in this space as specified by tebo'ai over the course of wavelength specified by vebo'ai (note: this "length" need not be spatial, unless sebo'au specifies a spatial wave-space). Spatial wave-spaces will have waves that can be visually seen at any given moment to have the waveform/shape specified by tebo'ai (as a function of time) and the wavelength specified by vebo'ai will be a characteristic spatial length/distance separating like/similar whole sub-shapes/sub-waveforms. If a temporal wave-space is specified by sebo'au, then the frequency will be temporal (as readily comes to mind) but the waveform/shape will not be able to be actually visually seen at any given time (rather, time-lapse photography can represent it), the wavelength will actually be duration separating like/similar whole signals, and the wave itself will "live" in time and be spatially dependent (determined in part by its velocities). Note that the shape of the wave/waveform is plotted along one axis as specified by sebo'au, the other axis (which will complete the shape) is something else (such as intensity/amplitude) as specified by the function and units given by tebo'au. See also: boxna, bo'ai, sebo'ai, bo'au, tebo'au
gloss words
created by krtisfranks
vote information 0
time Tue Jan 7 21:15:15 2014


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