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valsi se'au
type experimental cmavo
creator krtisfranks
time entered Mon Aug 4 21:09:00 2014
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Definition #57189 [edit]
selma'o VUhU
definition mathematical quinary operator; big operator: left sequence notation/converter - operator a, sequence b defined as a function on index/argument/variable/parameter c, in set d, under ordering e
notes Produces the left application of the operation/function a = • on sequence b(c), the terms of which are functions evaluated at (possibly dummy) values c (multi-index), where each c belongs to set d (at the values of which the function b is evaluated), operation a being applied thereto in order e (rule prescription; specifies order of c's running through d; note that the application is from the left). The steps at which c's are taken can be specified by d or by taking complicated (evaluated) expressions z(c) instead of c as arguments of b. Notice that e affects both c (or z(c)) directly as well as b (less directly) by being established on d. Output is in the format (for example: scalar, tensor, function, etc.) that the operation a = • yields. If b is a constant (at least with respect to the arguments c being ranged over), then the operator a is taken being applied to b for a number of times equal to the cardinality of d (and, technically, in the order specified by e). If d is explicitly created via use of ce'o, then the order is from the first term uttered to the last term uttered, as uttered; e need not be specified (if it is, it overrides the order of utterance). For Sigma/series summation notation (si'i), a = +, for Pi multiplication notation a = *, for functional power/iterated composition of functions a = ∘, for the Cartesian product of sets a = × (preferred to "exponentiation of sets" notation like An). mau'au and zai'ai will be necessary for the proper use of this word (particularly for specifying a and e); e will be specified explicitly (possibly elsewhere) and/or via zoi'ai. See also: ma'o'e.
gloss words
created by krtisfranks
vote information 0
time Fri Jul 3 21:54:50 2015


Example #1:

li se'au ma'au su'i zai'ai boi re boi .y'y bu boi vei pa ce'o re ce'o ci ve'o ku'e du li su'i re boi re boi re ku'e li si'i re boi .y'ybu boi vei pa ce'o re ce'o ci ve'o ku'e li xa

(by krtisfranks) [edit]

Example #2:

ro zy poi ke'a zmadu li pa zo'u li ma'o ge'o zy boi lo'a zy du li se'au mau'au su'i zai'ai boi vei ny te'a vei va'a zy ve'ove'o boi ny boi vei la'e'au ce'a .mekrot. bu tau ny ve'o boi la'e'au mau'au mleca zai'ai ke'u

(by krtisfranks) [edit]

Example #3:

li se'au mau'au pi'i zai'ai boi re boi .y'y bu boi vei ci'ai'u ny ve'o boi mau'au mleca zai'ai ku'e du li re te'a ny

(by krtisfranks) [edit]

Example #4:

li se'au mau'au fa'ai zai'ai boi vei ja'oi vei ny boi vei pau'a'u vei vei ny su'i pa ve'o fe'a vo ve'o boi mau'au la'e'au la mulno zai'ai ve'o ve'o tei'u ve'o boi ny boi ci'au'u vo boi mau'au la'e'au mleca zai'ai du li ja'oi pa boi re boi ci boi vo tei'u

(by krtisfranks) [edit]

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