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valsi pru'uxfri
type fu'ivla
creator krtisfranks
time entered Tue Jun 20 07:54:58 2017

Definition #69599 - Preferred [edit]
definition x1 is a reader/'ghost' to (experiencing or watching, but not being able to influence or interact with/in) events x2, able to experience/access world-internal/event-internal information x3 in addition to any external stimuli which they can directly perceive from the event itself (if they can perceive it), bringing with them their own event-external thoughts/memories/experience/habits which include x4, accessing this experience/event via means x5.
notes This is how a reader (x1) experiences a story (x2) from a book (x5), wherein they in-world experience exactly that which the narrator/author describes (x3, this can vary wildly depending on the scope, type, and focus of the narration - including access to character's thoughts, multiple simultaneous but mutually distant events, omniscience, etc.), where x4 are their own life experiences and thoughts which they have while reading or reviewing the contents of the book; likewise for the audience of a film. Characters in stories do this too: Scrooge does it for three different experiences via Christmas ghost magic; Harry Potter does it via the Pensieve wrt other people's memories. The Abrahamic God arguably would do this usually (but not always - interaction is not allowed when this word is properly used). In a sense, whensoever we remember a life event or experience (see "vedli"), we are doing this wrt the memory as we remember it (not necessarily how it really happened). See also: "tifri".
created by krtisfranks
vote information 1
time Tue Jun 20 08:03:06 2017
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krtisfranks{pruxi} + {tifri}.[edit]
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