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valsi pepsi
type experimental gismu
creator krtisfranks
time entered Tue May 27 07:52:41 2014
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Definition #56652 [edit]
definition x1 (default: Pepsi) is a soda product that is better/equal/worse x2 (li, number; resp.: 1, 0, -1; no default), and is produced/manufactured by x3 (default: whichever company makes sense [for absolutely default case: PepsiCo]), with aforementioned evaluation compared to/against soda product x4 (default: the analog/similar but competing/archrival soda; [for absolute default: Coke/Coca-Cola]) of producer/manufactuer (enemy) x5 (default: whichever other (opposing) company makes sense [for absolutely default case: the Coca-Cola Company]) according to the taste preference of, moral judgment of, and overall goodness (quality) evaluation by (judge/evaluator) x6 (probable contextless default: speaker/utterer), who is ranked as a fan of the formermost/lattermost [depending on evaluation given by x2; see notes] product or company with die-hard rating x7 (li, number; subjective) on scale x8 (si'o), despite (or because of) hating bad-decision product/admitting short-sighted failure (of favored [see note] company) x9 (default: the publicly-declared worst one/the most decried error); where evaluator [x6] generally ignores third-party soda product x10, which is produced/manufactured by (company) x11, even though said evaluator judges the said third-party product and/or producer to have overall goodness/quality (taste preference, product design appeal/evaluation, moral judgment, etc.) x12 [need not be a number in this case] according to scheme x13 (si'o); where the first judgment [x2] is according to scheme/justification x14, which really should not need explaining anyway, you nincompoop. x6 has soda character alignment x2 toward product x1 and company x3 that produces it.
notes u'ivla: Character alignment on soda scale. This is not a simple matter of taste preference or of one product being more or less than the other product in some aspect (subjective or otherwise); this is an overall judgment of not only product quality and appearance, but is also a moral judgment of the product, the company, and (in contrast) of the opposing side (including the product, company, and fans thereof); in other words, it is an integral character alignment/trait (integrity) of the judge. Pepsi and Coca-Cola are taken to be directly opposing forces and archenemies/diametrically opposite alignments (by defaults, specification of of one determines the other uniquely). If x1 is better than x4 in overall goodness according to the judge, then x2 = 1 and the judge is a fan of x1 (and probably of x3); if x1 is equal to x4 in overall goodness according to the judge, then x2 = 0 (and the judge is probably weird); if x1 is worse than x4 in overall goodness according to the judge, then x2 = -1 and the judge is a fan of x4 (and probably of x5); this evaluation essentially determines the "morally" favored company of the judge. The defaults work "backward" from what is given: specification of any of the products or companies in the first 5 terbri (excluding the jugment x2, at some level) uniquely determines the other terbri by default; PepsiCo is is associated by default with product Pepsi, the Coca-Cola company is associated by default with product Coke/Coca-Cola; by default, alignment x2 being n toward Pepsi/Coca-Cola (resp.) yields alignment -n toward Coca-Cola/Pepsi (resp.). The biggest blunder (x9) of the Coca-Cola Company is probably/arguably New Coke. This word is notable for its numerous defaults (differentiating it from certain other u'ivla in nature/structure). See also: besto, sodva.
gloss words
created by krtisfranks
vote information -4
time Wed Jun 4 18:06:34 2014
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