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valsi no'ordo
type fu'ivla
creator jongausib
time entered Thu Mar 21 09:25:41 2013

Definition #38919 - Preferred [edit]
definition x1 reflects language/culture/nationality/community of the Nordic countries [ Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, (Baltic states) and Sweden] and their associated territories [the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Svalbard and Åland] in aspect x2.
notes Also: Nordic/Norse(folk)/Danish/general Scandinavian/northern European/Viking. This generally includes the Baltic Slavs (ba'alto), some northwestern Salvs (Polish, Old Prussian), Scandinavians, western Russians/Soviets (and Rus), the Danes in the British Isles, and perhaps the northeastern coasts of Germany, the Germanic Norse, and others. It is not the same as Scandinavian: from the 1850s, Scandinavia was considered to include politically and culturally the countries/cultures of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden only (thus, a subset of no'ordo). This might include western Russia/Rus peoples. Might refer to Vikings and/or older cultures. Includes Iceland, Greenland, Faroese, etc. Confer: norgo (specialized and a modern nationality/identity), closely related to but more general than ska'ando. For Germanic Norse (which is slightly wider in meaning at present than dotsmiska'ando), use dotsmino'ordo.
gloss words
created by jongausib
vote information 3
time Fri Feb 24 21:09:31 2017


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