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valsi mu'au'oi
type experimental cmavo
creator krtisfranks
time entered Thu Feb 20 21:19:40 2020

Definition #71852 - Preferred [edit]
selma'o UI
definition Discursive: resuming/continuing example - start new example
notes This word (on its own) implicitly refers to a previously-defined example and then introduces an example which continues the context and all associations of the referenced example. If the format of an utterance is 'GeneralDescription1 + Example1 + GeneralDescription2 + mu'au'oi Example2', then this word will explicitly return to the context (including assumed conditions) of Example1 and the following example (Example2) should be interpreted as a resumption of the former; thus, the structure can be reordered as 'GeneralDescription1 + GeneralDescription2 + Example1 + Example2' according to logical structure and content, although the actual utterance will more closely tie Examplei to GeneralDescriptioni for all i. Subscript this word in order to refer to specific earlier examples (each of which begins with either "mu'a" or "mu'au'oinai"); if the subscript is n : n > 0, then this word counts forward from the beginning of the present text/conversation, finding the nth-uttered example therein; if n < 0, then this word counts back to the nth-most-recent example which was introduced (via the aforementioned means) in the present conversation; if the subscript is implicit (the default case), then n = - 1, meaning that the most recent newly-introduced example is being referenced. Even though "mu'a" is generally ambiguous as to whether it is introducing a totally fresh example or a continuation of a previous one, for the purposes of the backcounting/referencing by this word, they each shall be treated as fresh examples (each with their own, sequential label/index). This word borrows the label/index of the example which it references; so, "mu'a A1 mu'a B1 mu'au'oi xi ni'u re A2 mu'au'oi (xi ni'u pa) B2" has B2 acting as a continuation of B1, even though the most recent example (new or continued) is A2.
gloss words
created by krtisfranks
vote information 1
time Thu Feb 20 21:19:40 2020


krtisfranks{mu'a} + {bu'o} + {cu'i}.[edit]
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