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valsi me'ei
type experimental cmavo
creator latros
time entered Thu Dec 1 05:27:34 2011

Definition #20482 - Preferred [edit]
selma'o LE
definition Article for abstract predicate sumti. Turns a selbri into an abstraction with all open places filled by {ce'u}.
notes Has an inverse: me'au
gloss words
created by latros
vote information 3
time Mon Jun 29 20:45:12 2015
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Example #1:

.i me'ei lazni me'ei xagji cu se xu zmadu lo ni mi me'au ce'u Literal translation: "Does the predicate "hungry" exceed the predicate "lazy" in the quantity of me being an x1 of it?" Idiomatic translation: "Am I hungrier than I am lazy?" Translation to first order Lojban: .i lo ka lazni cu se xu zmadu lo ka xagji kei lo ni mi ce'u ckaji

(by latros) [edit]

Example #2:

me'ei citka = lo ka ce'u ce'u citka

(by durka42) [edit]

Example #3:

me'ei dunda = lo ka ce'u ce'u ce'u dunda

(by durka42) [edit]
Definition #20559 [edit]
selma'o ME
definition convert sumti to nonce tanru element; x1 [sumti] x2 x3 ...
notes Essentially the syntactical inverse of lo'au or lo ka. Provides a generic syntax for using the full power of Lojban to describe a tanru element. Can be used to avoid bu'a quantification ("ro bu'a zo'u ko'a bu'a" becomes "ro da poi selbri zo'u ko'a me'ei da"). See also me'oi, which imports a tanru element directly from another language.
gloss words
created by daniel
vote information -1
time Wed Feb 15 21:55:30 2012


Example #1:

(by daniel) [edit]


danielMnemonic: {me} + {selbri}. Coined in 2008—see http://mail.lojban.org/lists/lojban-list/msg30093.html[edit]
Definition #37946 [edit]
selma'o LE
definition артикль для sumti, содержащей предикат с абстракцией
notes Есть слово обратного действия: me'au
created by gleki
vote information 1
time Mon Nov 26 14:30:34 2012


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