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valsi lo'au
type experimental cmavo
creator Ilmen
time entered Mon Feb 3 18:03:01 2020

Definition #71814 - Preferred [edit]
selma'o LE
definition presuppositional definite article: the …; the thing(s) which …
notes Post-Xorlo lo. Refers collectively to all the things satisfying the description within the universe of discourse. These things are presupposed to exist. «lo'au PA broda» = «lo'au broda noi PA mei». «lo'au broda cu brode» = «su'oi da poi ge ke'a broda gi ro'oi de go broda gi me ke'a cu brode», with topmost/presuppositional scope for the su'oi quantifier (i.e. it goes before everything else in the prenex of the topmost clause, or more accurately in a separate hidden sentence for the presupposition of the existance of «lo'au broda» to work when the sentence is a question or a command, for example).
gloss words
created by Ilmen
vote information 3
time Fri May 22 14:17:19 2020

Definition #71812 [edit]
selma'o LE
definition generic essentialistic article: «lo'au broda cu brode» = a broda typically is/does brode; being/doing brode is a typical trait of broda-hood.
created by Ilmen
vote information 0
time Mon Feb 3 18:03:01 2020



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