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Dictionary record

This is a "best guess" listing for the word "lasna" in language 日本語, meaning that only one of the definitions for this word will be shown (the one with the highest total votes). See all the definitions for lasna.

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valsi lasna
type gismu
rafsi la'a
creator noralujv
time entered Mon Mar 3 01:36:56 2003

Definition #40443 [edit]
definition x1 (者)は x2 を x3 に x4 (留め具)で留める/つなげる/くっつける/縛る
notes 個体としての x2 と x3 の分離は維持される。「lo cradi cu ve lasna sei pruce'u selsanga/ラヂオでつながつて故郷の唄」(山頭火『行乞記(二)』) ・大意: 留める ・読み方: ルァスナ ・語呂合わせ: lian(联) , fasten ・関連語: jorne, fenso, jgena, batke, dinko, kansa
created by glekizmiku
vote information 1
time Thu May 2 11:54:46 2013


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