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valsi lacni
type experimental gismu
creator tijlan
time entered Fri Apr 30 15:07:48 2010

Definition #18204 - Preferred [edit]
definition x1 is an eyewear used/worn by x2 serving purpose x3.
notes It is a frame worn in front of the eyes and bears or does not bear transparent/semi-transparent/non-transparent shields for visual correction, eye protection, fashion, or entertainment. The shields are not necessarily lenses. Cf. le'otci or le'orlacni for a corrective type, which may include tidlacni for reading glasses and xrelacni for bifocal and trifocal glasses; badlacni for a protective type, which may include srulacni for goggles and solylacni for sunglasses; jadlacni for fashion glasses, which may include rekmeclacni for rimless glasses and solylacni; mincimdylacni for 3D glasses.
gloss words
created by tijlan
vote information 3
time Fri Apr 30 15:16:28 2010


tijlanianjin (zho: 眼镜 | yǎn​jing​ ), cacma (hin: चश्मा | caśmā ), glasiz (eng: glasses ), anteoxos (spa: anteojos ), acki (rus: очки | očkí ), nazarat (ara: نظارة | naʐará:t ).[edit]
Simple English
Definition #1 [edit]
definition x1 is an eyewear/glasses used by x2 serving purpose x3
gloss words
place keywords 1. glasses
created by gleki
vote information 1
time Thu Mar 27 00:44:47 2014


Definition #56049 [edit]
definition x1是x2戴的眼镜,为了目的/用途x3
notes 包括了用于视觉矫正,护眼,娱乐,装饰等各种眼镜,有的眼镜具有多种作用;参见:le'otci/le'orlacni矫正型眼镜(可能包括:tidlacni阅读眼镜,xrelacni双焦和集中混合眼镜);badlacni 护目眼镜(可能包括:srulacni护目镜,solylacni太阳镜);jadlacni 饰品眼镜(可能包括:rekmeclacni 无框眼镜, solylacni); mincimdylacni3D眼镜
created by glekizmiku
vote information 1
time Thu Mar 27 17:38:42 2014


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