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valsi krauna
type fu'ivla
creator glekizmiku
time entered Sun Feb 9 16:39:28 2014

Definition #52732 - Preferred [edit]
definition x1 is a crown, currency issued the crown (regal power)
notes often has a crown displayed (headdress). Includes former British coins worth 5 shillings, various currencies known by similar names in their native languages, such as the 'koruna', 'kruna', 'krone'.
gloss words
created by glekizmiku
vote information 2
time Fri Nov 6 08:43:55 2015


Definition #70103 [edit]
definition x1 (set/family/tree graph) is a crown category/clade/'group'/set formed from (elements of) set x2 (nonempty set/family/graph), according to judge/standard/definition/(directed) tree graph/relations x3.
notes A crown clade is the set of all descendants, living or dead, of some 'individual(s)' A which is/are the most recent common ancestor(s) of all of the elements in x2 (provided that such an ancestor be well-defined), united with the minimal set which contains A (taken as individual entities, not as a collective set thereof). The elements of x2 need not necessarily be alive (or dead, for that matter), so long as they conceptually exist and are well-defined and allow such a common ancestor to exist; this means that this definition is somewhat more general than the common usage of "crown clade" in English. Ancestor(s) A is/are essentially unique (modulo gender/parenting roles and polygamy). x3 allows for relations and (directed) tree graphs other than those of/by biological parentage/inheritance. See also: kloje, tseingu.
gloss words
created by lakanro
vote information 2
time Mon Nov 27 20:39:19 2017


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