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valsi kai'au
type experimental cmavo
creator krtisfranks
time entered Fri Oct 21 08:17:11 2022

Definition #73012 - Preferred [edit]
selma'o ZUhEI
definition Adverbial, metacommentary-introducing, and complex discursive or attitudinal: I express this utterance in a manner or with mental state which is described by the immediately following and enclosed bridi in reference to the tagged construct, or assert that the said immediately following and enclosed bridi is true in application to the tagged construct in a metacommentary style.
notes Operates in the grammatical manner which "zu'ei" does, albeit with different semantics (and arguably resulting in an attitudinal instead of a discursive in some instances); there is no restriction on a ZUhEI construct tagging any part of another one (although application of one to the whole and presence of the other, rather than to merely a given construct within its enclosed bridi or to the same tagged structure which the first ZUhEI tags, requires "toi'e"). Can be closely related to "soi'a broda", depending on 'broda'. Examples: "Hopefully"/"I hope"/"one should hope", "sadly", "regretfully", "cordially", "stoically"/"being emotionally hard" (probably said of oneself), "being sexually aroused", "(metpahorically or physically) hungrily" (probably said of oneself), "candidly/"honestly"/"forthcomingly"/"with candor"/"earnestly", "abstemiously", "abstainingly", "being neutral in this affair", "hurriedly" (said of the act of expressing itself), "guiltily", "confessionally", "obviously"/"of course"/"clearly", "with realization"/"coming to understanding", "confusedly" (probably expressing own confusion), "relatedly", "inserting a comment here to the effect of...", etc.; compare to analogous bridi in a "zu'ei" scope.
gloss words
created by krtisfranks
vote information 2
time Mon Dec 19 04:33:53 2022


krtisfranks{ckaji} + {skicu} + {pinka}[edit]
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