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valsi jikni
type experimental gismu
creator tijlan
time entered Sun May 2 10:40:01 2010

Definition #18211 - Preferred [edit]
definition x1 consists of the economic system (production and distribution and consumption) of sector components x2; x1 is economic.
notes x2 may be a country or other area, the labor, capital and land resources, and the economic agents that socially participate in the production, exchange, distribution, and consumption of goods and services of that area; they may be joined with JOI. pavmomseljikni for "primary sector", relmomseljikni for "secondary sector", cibmomseljikni for "tertiary sector", and vonmomseljikni for "quaternary sector"; gubyseljikni for "public/state sector", sivyseljikni for "private sector", and jikseljikni for "social/voluntary sector". Cf. venci'e, selpraci'e.
gloss words
place keywords 1. economic system
2. economic sector
created by tijlan
vote information 5
time Sun May 2 10:40:01 2010


tijlanjinji 0.36 (zho: 经济 | jīngjì ), ataviavasta 0.21 (hin: अर्थव्यवस्था | arthavyavasthā ), ikonomi 0.16 (eng: economy ), ekonomia 0.11 (spa: economía ), ekonomiia 0.09 (rus: экономия | ekonómija ), iktisad 0.07 (ara: اقتصاد | iqtiṣād ). {jikni} has the top score of 0.481.[edit]
Simple English
Definition #1 [edit]
definition x1 consists of the economic system of sector components x2
gloss words
place keywords 1. economic system
created by gleki
vote information 2
time Thu Mar 27 00:44:47 2014


Definition #56046 [edit]
definition x1是关于经济的;x1是由经济组分x2所构成的(生产/运送/消费)
notes x2可能是指国家/地区/劳动力/土地资源/生产资源/交易/分配/消费的商品与服务,它们之间可用JOI相连; pavmomseljikni第一产业; relmomseljikni第二产业; cibmomseljikni第三产业; vonmomseljikni第四产业; gubyseljikni公有/国有企业; sivyseljikni私有企业;jikseljikni社会/资源机构/部门;参见 venci'e, selpraci'e.
created by glekizmiku
vote information 1
time Thu Mar 27 17:38:19 2014


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