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valsi jbepibnafei
type fu'ivla
creator djeikyb
time entered Fri Mar 9 08:14:43 2012

Definition #20599 [edit]
definition x1 (du'u) is the biological sex of x2.
notes Talking about sexuality, gender, biological sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or any such topics is extremely difficult in Lojban, given that these topics have very narrow definitions, which are very hard to capture in Lojban. "Biological sex" had been narrowed down to "which parts were you born with?" which is encapsulated by an indirect question asking "male [or?] female, at time of birth", in Lojban. cf. lojban definition for additional clarifications, (the lojban definition defines all the ramifications and implications,) jbena, plibu, nakni, fetsi, je'i, and kau
gloss words
created by djeikyb
vote information 0
time Fri Mar 9 08:29:12 2012


Definition #20598 - Preferred [edit]
definition .i lo ka ce'u goi x1 jbepibnafei ce'u goi x2 cu ka ce'u goi x1 du'u ce'u xi re goi x2 nakni je'ikau fetsi lo ka ce'u remna kei lo ka makau plibu ce'u goi ko'a ca lo nu ko'a jbena
notes .i .o'i zi'o se nandu lo ka tavla fi zo'e pe lo smuni be lo poi zi'evla ku'o se skicu valsi .i lo nu se preti lu ma jbepibnafei do cu te drani lo nu vo'a se danfu lo simsa be lo cmima be lu lo du'u mi nakni li'u ce lu lo dumnakni li'u ce lu lo dumfe'i li'u ce zo'e .i .e'usai do catlu zo'e pe zo jbena .e zo nakni .e zo fetsi .e zo je'i .e zo kau .e zo cinse
created by djeikyb
vote information 1
time Fri Mar 9 08:14:44 2012


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