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valsi i'au
type experimental cmavo
creator spheniscine
time entered Tue May 12 17:38:27 2015

Definition #66786 - Preferred [edit]
selma'o IhAU
definition reset bridi-level to zero
notes Auto-inserts all necessary terminators to reset to the top-level bridi of the sentence (i.e. everything that i would insert except the last vau). This is useful if you have opened multiple NU/NOI subclauses, and just want to close them all to add more sumti, terms, or a xoi clause to the main bridi without using a bunch of terminators. // May also be used with UI-cmavo. UI-cmavo placed immediately after i'au would scope over the entire sentence. This is useful for attaching attitudinals as afterthoughts, without having to close the entire sentence manually with the right number of vaus. See ji'au, fu'e, fu'o.
gloss words
created by spheniscine
vote information 2
time Sat Jul 18 16:20:50 2015
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Definition #66004 [edit]
selma'o TOIhE
definition attitudinal scope modifier: marks following attitudinal/UI-cluster as applying to the entire sentence or statement
notes Context-free way of attaching attitudinals or other UI-cmavo to entire sentences or statements as an afterthought. E.g. do sidju mi lo nu mi zenba lo ni ricfu i'au ui . See ji'au, fu'e, fu'o. Closable with toi'o.
gloss words
created by spheniscine
vote information 0
time Wed May 20 17:36:35 2015
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