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valsi grafyjbirai
type lujvo
creator krtisfranks
time entered Thu Jul 22 15:29:12 2021

Definition #72597 - Preferred [edit]
definition x1 (node in graph) is among the very nearest nodes to x2 (node in same graph), such that they are path-connected, along path(s) or paths of type x3 (default: directed graph geodesics from x2 to candidate other nodes, such that each of these candidates (plus x1) are pairwise distinct from x2) according to edge weighings x4 in connected graph component x5, with nearness standard/satisfying other conditions x6, the extreme x7 (default: ka zmadu, implying most-near) being amongst set/range x8 of candidate nodes.
notes Multiple nodes may be equally near to x2 for a given geodesic distance; x1 is such that the geodesic distance between it and x2 is positive but otherwise minimal (however, this does not necessarily uniquely specify/define/designate x1). x1, x2, and elements of/nodes in x3, x5, and x8 must all share a single edge-connected graph component, namely x5; this word's referent is undefined/errors out otherwise or if no clear graph/connecting relationship exists. Path type for x3 should define/be defined by a restrictive characteristic. Default value of x7 is "ka zmadu", meaning "the quality of being most-near to x2 under the aforementioned conditions, in the same connected graph component, according to aforementioned measurement methods, etc.", as opposed to (for example) "ka mleca", which means "the quality of being the least-near/most-far from x2 under the aforementioned conditions, in the same connected graph component, according to aforementioned measurement methods, etc.". x1 and x2 each are a candidate node for the purposes of this definition. The condition of pairwise distinctness between candidates from x2 may be relaxed by specification of or removal of definitional default for x3. See also: "toryrailu'a", "grafyjbi".
gloss words
created by krtisfranks
vote information 1
time Thu Jul 22 15:29:12 2021


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