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valsi datxo
type experimental gismu
creator labanzbapren
time entered Tue Apr 17 23:14:07 2018
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Definition #70626 [edit]
definition x1 is a thot to x2 in aspect x3(si'o/ka) to degree x4 belonging to thot-caste x5
notes datxo2 is any animate entity.The official thot hierarchy is as such from lowest to highest(the higher, the more human .u'isai):Nihilthot-Egothot-Ornithot-Lowerthot-Commonthot-Higherthot-Ascendedthot-Metathot-Omnithot. Sex isn't apart of the definition because this term is sex nuetral(Because, stuff).Omnithot is acheived by so few it may as well not be named, it is quasi-human level in an arbitrary animacy hierarchy. Metathot is aimed for by those who wish to escape thotdom/hood because it is slightly more realistic. Although, little do Metathots know, by simply being aware of one's thothood and wanting to escape it, one is already a metathot so many who have acheived this plane of existence will never escape it. Metathot is named that way because the thot in question has reached a new level of self awareness unbeknownst and literally unthinkable to thots of lower castes while still being below Omnithot because Omnithots are doubly self aware, Metametathots if you will, they realize that they are Metathots yet Metathots do not. Omnithots often have superiority complexes and believe that they have acheived human level animacy, however they are not aware of the fact that they are in fact still thots. For this reason, so many levels to surpass, only one thot has ever broken through even Omnithothood: Me(or have I?) Nihilthot is just...I don't want to talk about it. The lower levels are not surpassed by simply being more self aware, that is cheesy.
gloss words
place keywords 1. mum ; of
2. thou ; gay
3. thot ; icity
4. thot ; hood
5. thot ; dom
created by labanzbapren
vote information -5
time Wed Apr 18 14:59:25 2018


Example #1:

.i lo do mamta cu zilseldatxo lo sio datxo ku lo ka mutce kei lo fadnydatxo

(by labanzbapren) [edit]

Example #2:

(by selgugbad) [edit]

Example #3:

zo datxo cu palci valsi se va'u lo palci remna

(by selgugbad) [edit]

Example #4:

datxo fa la selgugbad fo lo ka milxe kei fi lo ka coe kei bei fe zio

(by labanzbapren) [edit]

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