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valsi corci
type experimental gismu
creator krtisfranks
time entered Wed Jun 18 07:51:34 2014
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Definition #56846 [edit]
definition x1 is a gesture/facial expression/body part motion/body language/expressive (nonverbal or nonvocal) feature/microexpression/stature/posture/sign/body signal [nonverbal expression made using only one's body parts and items on one's immediate person as extensions of the body in order to communicate; possibly nonlinguistic/extralinguistic] that conveys/expresses thought/emotion/command/idea x2 (nu/si'o; possibly text and other types) made using body part/utensil/object/at locus x3 in/by motion/action/means x4
notes Must be body-oriented; any other object involved is simply for the matter of convenience and acts as an extension of the body (and thus must be on the performer's immediate person at or near the locus of the gesture). Body language, posturing, and stature are usually considered to be nonlocalized (body-general), although they need not be (and technically are not in general). Must be externally visible and/or internally sensed. Any non-body-part utensil/item (including clothing) must function as an extension of the body in the gesture. Need not be conscious or performed by a person (note that agent/performer is not mentioned in this definition); can, but need not, be accompanied by vocalizations (not necessarily linguistic), but the gesture itself is not primarily noise-producing. Might include sign language words or cheremes, although a more explicit word for linguistically organized and “full” cheremes is preferred (and especially for the sign language as a whole). x1 is possibly best typed by nu and/or si'o. x4 might be best expressed as an event; for example, it could be "the event of the right hand touching the chest near the heart, with fist clenched" for a salute, whereas/wherein x3 would be merely the fist/hand (and the chest near the heart). Use "cocygau" resp. "cocyzu'e" for: "x1 (agent resp. volitional entity) gestures; x1 agentively/actively makes gesture x2, communicating x3, performed with body part(s) x4 in motion x5"; this lujvo uses an unofficial cmarafsi. Proposed short rafsi: -coc-.
gloss words
created by krtisfranks
vote information 2
time Sat Mar 19 16:35:40 2016
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krtisfranksStandard gismu-making algorithm: Chi. coci .334, Hin. icar .195, Eng. jestur .187, Spa. xest .116, Ara. amaxe .088, Rus. jest .081; score: .4315; potential for short rafsi favored.[edit]
Definition #66516 - Preferred [edit]
definition x1 asna lo se pagbu be x3 ku x4 gi'e ve smusku x2
notes srana fa zo asna je zo smusku
created by spheniscine
vote information 3
time Thu Jun 18 18:10:52 2015


Simple English
Definition #66515 [edit]
definition x1 is body language expressing x2 (abstraction) using body parts x3 in motion x4
notes Proposed morpheme: -coc-
gloss words
created by spheniscine
vote information 1
time Thu Jun 18 14:32:19 2015


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