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valsi belta
type experimental gismu
creator krtisfranks
time entered Sun Jun 19 05:47:09 2022

Definition #72934 - Preferred [edit]
definition x1 is a planetary ring, region defined by a 'cloud' or 'constellation' of satellites, asteroid belt, generalized Kuiper belt, generalized Oort cloud, or other such belt or cloud or region in stellar/star or planet-centered/planetary ring system x2, extending over and throughout region x3 or being of shape (including size/dimensions) x3, including/containing objects or points of interest x4, with other properties/orbital parameters x5.
notes Generalizes "cmaplinykemjinrcaibyca'u". The main defining characteristic is that it is a region around some massive celestial object(s) (typically some stars or mutually-bound planets) which either contains a collection of appropriately-scaled smaller rubble/junk in loose collective configuration which orbit(s) the big object(s), or is defined by certain physical properties (such as the liquid-water temperature-based Goldilocks zone around a star, or the Roche limit of the planet, etc.) and which might contain some celestial objects. See also: "cmaplini". Contrasts with "djine" in that it is specific to astronomical uses, refers to a region of space (not an object) which is defined by many objects (or a general property) rather than to a single solid object, and may not necessarily be a simple toroid or cylindrical toroid in shape.
gloss words
created by krtisfranks
vote information 1
time Sun Jun 19 05:58:48 2022


krtisfranksEnglish "(asteroid) belt". Influenced by The Expanse sci-fi series and my desire generalize and avoid the term "{cmaplinykemjinrcaibyca'u}".[edit]
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