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Discussion of "canlu"

Comment #1: Hm
Jonathan (Mon Jun 29 00:34:23 2015)

I can't seem to find any equivalent word for 2-dimensional space. I think
perhaps this gismu is better off being agnostic as to dimension, and new
words made for dimensions.

Comment #2: Re: Hm
Alex Burka (Mon Jun 29 02:00:13 2015)


Comment #3: Re: Hm
Jonathan (Mon Jun 29 02:57:33 2015)

Hm the place structure doesn't quite fit though...

Comment #4: Re: Hm
Curtis W Franks (Mon Jun 29 19:41:11 2015)

durka42 wrote:
> sefta?

I do not see them as analogous. sefta requires a higher-dimensional
object. In fact, I think that it is a shape that is a facet of that object,
regardless of the dimensionality of sefta1.
canlu seems to be the hypervolume enclosed/occupied by an object. They
have different connotations and different requirements. For example, a
triangle on its own can be a canlu1 (if we expand the definition to include
any hypervolume) but not a sefta1 because it is not a facet of some
higher-dimensional object.

I have, for some time now, thought that canlu should have an expanded
definition to include all dimensions. It could/should also have a terbri to
specify "in space/dimensional".

It is important to note that, in my opinion, both sefta1 and canlu1 are
shapes, not measures of those shapes. Thus, I believe, "1 cubic meter"
cannot be canlu1, but a cube (or any other shape), particularly regular
ones with side lengths of 1 meter, can.

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