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Discussion of "xei"
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Comment #3: Re: Not needed
gleki (Fri Jul 12 17:33:03 2013)

Wuzzy wrote:
> The fact that this experimental cmavo even exists suggest that the
> most likely misunderstood Lojban’s phonology. rei does not
> neccessarily sound like re. Lojban allows two sounds for “e”: (IPA
> notation follows) [e] and [ɛ]. So re can be pronounced as [rɛ] or as
> [re] (let’s ignore the rhotic (‘r’) sounds now). rei, on the
> hand, must be pronounced [rɛj] (but the Reference Grammar suggests that
> [rej] may also be O.K.). If you speak [rɛj] and then [rɛ] out loudly,
> you can easily distingush them, so I suggest saying [rɛ] for re and
> [rɛj] for rei. This is perfectly legal according to the reference
> grammar and does not require to change _anything_ of the language. I
> you to read the Reference Grammar, chapter 3: sections 2 and 4. See also
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close-mid_front_unrounded_vowel>,
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-mid_front_unrounded_vowel> and
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palatal_approximant> for the
> of [e], [ɛ], and [j] respectively.

This is legal but if one says [li pareno li parejno]
or [li parɛno li parɛjno] then the problem still exists.
Numbers (as CLL states) were chosen so that they differ much in
pronunciation. Look at this:
no pa re ci vo mu xa ze bi so

No two cmavo alike.
rei breaks this and therefore must die.

Comment #4: Not not needed.
Wuzzy (Sat Jul 13 09:43:48 2013)

gleki wrote:
> This is legal but if one says [li pareno li parejno]
> or [li parɛno li parɛjno] then the problem still exists.
Whoops! I did not think about this. *sigh*
[li pareno li parejno] is indeed hard distinguishable (But I find [li
parɛno li parɛjno] much easier to distinguish btw.) and it would not
against the grammar to say so. Whoops! So it seems that rei was indeed a
bad choice. Now I agree that it needs to change.

I just turned my thumb around.

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