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Discussion of "gugypau"
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Comment #17: Re: Redefinition for gugpau?
Andrew Piekarski (Wed Jun 3 16:17:12 2009)

totus wrote:
> arj wrote:
> > totus wrote:
> > > arj wrote:
> > > > totus wrote:
> > > > > For that and other more general cases, I suggest we
> > > > > change the NORALUJV jecpau to 'p1 is a second-level
> administrative
> > > > > division of polity p2=j1. I will do it, unless you do first.
> > > >
> > > > We can't just change a Noralujv entry just because we need a word
> for
> > a
> > > > new meaning.
> > >
> > > The NORALUJV entry doesn't mean anything in English anyway. No
> > > what, it needs to be changed. I'm suggesting it is changed (or more
> > > precisley 'clarified') to communicate what probably it was meant to
> > in
> > > the first place. What would you change it to?
> >
> > Probably something very close to gugypau. See the keyword, and
> > usage.
> Right! And isn't 'p1 is a second-level administrative
> > > > division of polity p2=j1' very close to the definition of gugypau?
> The only difference is that instead of 'country' we have 'polity', so
> we can say 'la LIVinston. jecpau la misuris.'

I look forward to your response to my latest comment (above) on jejcpau.
But in the meantime, I see we have a more serious problem. I'm afraid I
was a little hasty in saying that your changes to gugypau looked OK.

Here are the problems:
1) I don't know how we missed this but our levels are mixed up.
'Second-level administrative division' should be 'First-level
administrative division'. Likewise for gugypausle, 'Third-level
administrative division' should be 'Second-level administrative division'.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_divisions_of_China.
2) Gloss for 'Province' should be qualified by 'First-level administrative
division'. Why? Because provinces can also be second-level as in Italy
and Chile. So for these two countries, and possibly others gugupaysle
would be the one to use.
3) Gloss for 'State'. As above. Even a sixth-level village is a 'part'
of a country.
4) Add third gloss word 'Region; First-level administrative division'.
Without that, we have nothing for Italy, Belgium, Chile and many others.
5) In gugypaysle we have the same issues with the use of 'part' in the
gloss words.

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