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Discussion of "brife"

Comment #1: Composition terbri
Curtis W Franks (Tue Aug 30 19:47:14 2016)

I strongly feel that this word should have a terbri for the substance being
blown. Wind is really a bulk/large-scale movement of a fluid (or, more
narrowly, gas); as an aside, this is in opposition to waves, vibration of
individual particles, possibly bulk vibration, etc. Anyway, lots of things
have wind: air, specific gases in some cases, planetary atmospheric
outgasing, solar wind, and (in pre-Einsteinian models) the aether. A river
or current could be considered a type of water wind, although there is
sometimes no surrounding water and it frequently is constrained solely by
solids and gravitational potential - however, I contend that this really is
not a seriously differentiating factor (especially when one considers
liquid water to be one fluid which has a boundary with another fluid, air).

So, I propose that this word gain a new terbri which is "[is a wind] of
fluid/atmosphere/gas/substance/composition x_n".

I would prefer this to be the second terbri (so, n=2), but this is not
back-compatible, so I guess that it should be the fourth (n=4). .oi

I would also change the wording so that the description includes "[/]bulk
motion of fluid" immmediately after the "breeze/wind/gale" bit.

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