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Discussion of "mitre"
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Comment #1: Precision
Curtis W Franks (Sun Mar 19 21:43:49 2017)

So, numerically, we have several ways to hand precision. But maybe we
should include some note in the definition of this and other measurement
words which accounts for precision? Something like "x2 full meters" or "x2
meters, up to the orecision states, "? No-one wants to say that their
measurements are imprecise whilst saying what they are (in nontechnical
situations). Everyone knows that measurements are inherently imprecise - I
do not need to say that a stick is 3. m long to one sigfig - if I say "3
m", then everyone knows that I have one sigfig of precision. That is
wrapped up in the concept of measuring. Sure, I can be explicit about it or
override it (by saying "exactly" with emphasis), but normally, this is not

The "full meters" option would require that the floor is being taken (for
the last mentioned digit), so it is not as good for length - but it is
exactly how we discuss age (the day before turning twenty years old, I was
still nineteen years old).

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