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Discussion of "maksi"
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Comment #2: Re: Asymmetry
gleki (Sun Mar 6 12:54:01 2016)

krtisfranks wrote:
> This word is asymmetric with "dikca". For the purpose of practicality,
> this asymmetry may be justified. For the purpose of aesthetics and
> it is not. Additionally, it could be argued that the "producing field"
> model describes everything necessary, and with fewer terbri (and ones
> are arguably easier to use); so, "dikca" could/should switch to it. On
> the other hand, fields can be rather difficult to describe, especially in

> detail, so switching to this model could be taken to be kicking the can
> down the road for later; the simplicity is only at the first level and
> there are no free lunches. Still, I think that this model is more robust.
> Alternatively, we could have a word for "x_1 produces a field of type/for

> interaction x_2 with description/properties/model x_3; x_1 interacts
> (x_2)-ly in manner x_3; x_1 does/produces x_2(-al field); x_1 (x_2)-s".

once BPFK changed an almost unusable definition of mabla. These
dikca/maksi can be similar in that regard. Although, BPFK had no one to fix

I suggested
letri = x1 shows electric properties in x2 (property of x1)
magneti = x1 shows magnetic properties in x2 (property of x1)

with electro-magnetic being "letri je magnetic" although ANY other logical
connective like ja, jonai would do.

polarity etc. could go into x2.

Your "field" would be a different word.
Existing dikca and maksi can just be made obsolete. They were used almost
always in tanru that is via cheating predicate logic.

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