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Discussion of "kantu"

Comment #1: "Quanton"
Curtis W Franks (Thu Feb 16 23:10:06 2017)

We might wish to use the (seldom-used, but rather clear) terminology of
"quanton" as an additional keyword and descriptor in this definition in
English. In particular, "particle" may be misleading.

There are at least two options. Either this word means the
smallest/indivisible unit of a quantized thing (which is a fairly
mathematical sense), or it is endowed with physical properties (which is
what I infer from "particle"), in which case, I am thinking of quantum
mechanical objects such as quarks, electrons, and photons (and maybe larger
objects such as protons and even small atoms?). In the former case, I am
not really sure how this definition is really all that different from
selci (so they should be merged), and we should add that the x2 is
discretized (it makes no sense to talk about an indivisible unit of
something continuous). In the latter case, then it would be good to allow
for wave-particle duality (so use such terminology plus "quanton"), and we
should include the words "quantum" and "basic unit of discretized

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