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Discussion of "kancu"
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Comment #5: Re: Issues
Curtis W Franks (Tue Jan 3 00:33:39 2017)

krtisfranks wrote:
> The second word is something along the lines of "enumerate", "tabulate",
> "tally", or "count up". This is a task performed by someone (a counter)
> depends on the method.

Maybe the best way to describe this meaning is the idea that the counter
lists numbers sequentially (in order) (with a temporal or spatial delay
between each entry in the ordered list).

Changing the structure of the word somewhat, this would just require the
input of an ordered list, a description of what constitutes the start (if
counting eggs, which is the first one? if counting down seconds, what marks
when the countdown begins?), and what must happen in order to proceed from
one item in the list to the next one (pointing at a different egg, one
second passing, etc.). There would be no terbri for counting units/steps
(current kancu4), as this would just be derived information from the list
(and the counting unit would fluctuate/be variable as desired by the

Aside: That last point is important too. kancu is broken because it
cannot handle the counter adjusting the counting unit. Even if it could
handle the meaning "count( )down", and I do not think that it can, the unit
between numbers must be the same. That means that the events in that one
scene from /Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban/ movie from 2004,
which involves Dre Head counting down by varied units, cannot be described
by kancu under my current interpretation (that kancu4 must be a

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