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Discussion of "ganlo"
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Comment #4: Re: x3
gleki (Mon Oct 13 13:31:17 2014)

gusnikantu wrote:
> > For example, a screen door, or a door with a dog-door set in it, would
> > allow air, or dogs, through even if closed to humans; ganlo fi lo
> >
> > Stretching a bit for an inverse example: an airlock (as a whole, not
> > doors that make it up) ganlo fi lo litki .enai lo remna.
> I agree to kpreid. In fact, la jbofi'e says:
> -----
> That is to say, x3 of ganlo/kalri is something being blocked / given
> access.
> Moreover, the note of the defintion of ganlo says that "a semi-permeable
> membrane" is also suitable to ganlo. In such a case, x3 of ganlo/kalri
> the meaning above is very useful. For example:
> lo vi boxfo ti kalri lo vacri gi'e ganlo lo djacu
> That is to say, as long as "a semi-permeable membrane" is said to be a
> kind of ganlo, lo pagre is more important than lo ve pagre for general
> of ganlo.
> From these points of view, I will "correct" the definitions of ganlo and
> kalri in lojban and some other languages. If you don't agree with la
> jbofi'e, kpreid and me, just vote down and add another definition.

Thank you. I used to understand it incorrectly.
Russian definitions of kalri and ganlo changed.

I hope you'll change the definition in French facile in the google

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