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Discussion of "xy'au"
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Comment #2: Re: Pattern
Curtis W Franks (Sat Sep 26 17:33:18 2020)

krtisfranks wrote:
> I do not really see the pattern in this series. It seems to be ("-y'au",
> "-y'ei", "-y'ai"), but I am not sure why these suffixes were chosen, nor
> do I understand how the first letter was chosen, nor why you stopped
> you did.
> I have long thought that we should go up to twenty-three because
> base-twenty-four is common (military time) and it is not too many
> perhaps base-sixty).

Actually, what I wanted to do was to generate some sort of math-based
algorithm that would allow for the bijective generation of a digit word
for every nonnegative integer according to the mathematical properties of
that actual number, so that one does not need to memorize an abritrary
list but can actually construct the meaning of the word from the word
itself (sequence of lerfu), even if one is not familiar with that
particular word; my preference would be to also single out things such as
the primes and other important integer classes (including 0 and 1 being
unique) in some way, either simultaneously or in accordance with a
prioritization scheme, or allowing for different words to mean the same
number according to current usage and context (so that the relegant
propertied are specified; this would lose bijectivity or would require
multiple such algorithms to exist and would eat up cmavo space with a
density in proportion to how many algorithms exist). I never managed it

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